Monday, March 2, 2009

Couples Shower

We had a wonderful shower on Saturday with Ryan's soccer team. A super sweet girl named Staci through the shower for me and another wife who is due a month earlier then me. She really went all out with the food, games, and prizes. We really say Thank you. Here's just a few shots from the party. More of my husband then anyone else since he is such a goofball.

Here's what he would look like at 9 months (With a Apricot ale, lol)

Here's the other Mom to be(Traci), Staci and I

We received a shopping cart cover,
and hubby was nice enough to model it like a cloth diaper for all

We received quite a bit of stuff for a small get togethor
Oh my gosh I cannot wait to share the pictures. On Sunday I met with a muralist that painted my Daycare bathroom downstairs back in 2005. We discussed Landons nursery and how its pretty much decorated but you just cant tell that I did a Vintage Firetrucks theme besides the small firetruck on his bumper, the vintage truck on his shelf, and the small boots hanging on the hook. We came up with a fabulous idea and she begins the 3 day project on Tuesday. She is typically booked for months but she had a cancellation. I didn't want to overdue it so we are just doing one wall. but the idea is brilliant and I hope it turns out great she paints so realistic.
I have been busy planning my baby shower and it is so much work. We have a Pickle and Ice Cream theme and I have been in charge of invitations , addressing them, mailing them and making sure all RSVP even if they are unable to come. Its been really frustrating as most people never RSVP either way. It makes it really hard to plan food if you don't know if you are having a large crowd or small feast. The other frustrating thing which I shouldn't take personal is everyone has kids already and me struggling to get my first pregnancy have been hurt by this pregnancy by some friends. I have just waited so so so long to get pregnant I just had this fantasy that I would finally be able to join their club and be a mommy just like them. This would include me in conversations, invites and maybe make some solid friends. I really don't have that tight of a friendship with any women. I am really hoping that I will meet other mommies just like me once Landon is born. But in the meantime it just hurts that the friends you thought were close are not coming to your shower, supporting you or even involved in your life.

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