Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Shower # 3 Daycare Families

My super sweet husband who has been so kind to hang with all the women for the day.

Omgoodness I love sherbert punch

Landon is the most crazy super spoiled kid, I just hope he doesnt have a bratty attitude and learns to appreciate the kindness of others.

My moms & friends made yummy appetizer

All of these ladies are my daycare moms or past daycare moms whose children used to attend my preschool.

Once again playing the how big is my belly, this time three women all tied.
Thats my grandma and auntie on the far left.

They had a minute to make a baby out of playdough. Heres the winner.

One of my mommies is due 7 days before me. Ughhh no fair look how small she is, and its her second baby.

These mommies were extremely generous to our family and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I hope they all love Landon as much as I love there children.
And these are a few of my daycare kiddos asking Landon if it easter and time to come out yet.

Time for nap......goodnight Landon.


  1. EXCELLENT pictures and I must add that you look beautiful. My belly was big too, but I loved it and was so proud of it : )

    Looks like you received LOTS of great gifts. Yay for Landon and his Mommy and Daddy!

  2. I love that dress you look so cute. 3 baby showers wow you must have everything u could possibly need now. My shower is in 2 weeks I cant wait!
    I love the belly kissing pic sooo sweet!

  3. you look really good in those pictures!!! I was a huge mess towards the end of my pregnancy lol congrats again :)


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