Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Help.......Prenatal Pills!!!!

I recently refilled my prenatal pills at Rite Aid and the last few times they have taken anywhere from 3-5 days to for them to fill it, sometimes longer. They will call me a few times to tell me they are having a hard time getting them and it will be a few more days. Well today after a couple day delay they now tell me the pills are being discontinued and my doctor will have to choose a different pill. Ahhhhhhh I have been taking these pills almost two years now. My husband said well at least you only have 54 days left. I said noooooo I have to take them another year or two depending on how long I breastfeed. They are prescription and cost me $20 bucks a month co-pay.
There coated in yogurt
There liquid inside
They contain Omega-3's
& Folic Acid
They also have a stool softener in it
So my question to all of you in the blogworld. What do you take? Do you like it? Does it have any of the above things. Is it prescription? Please help me out as soon as possible I have only 5 pills left of the Primacare One.


  1. This is the exact Prenatal I have been taking, I also took it with my first son. I went a few months back to refill mine at CVS and was told it had been discontinued "WHAT!". I was so upset I just knew there was no replacement for my little purple pill.
    They prescribed me the generic version ($10 cheaper) and it is exactly the same! Its called OB-Natal One. You should ask for that instead, trust me I was very partial to my primacare pills and didnt think I would like anything else, but I really cant tell the difference between the two:)

  2. Hi! I take the same pills and had the same problem last week. My pharmicist told me that they have discontinued the PrimaCare One Enhanced and they were going to call my RE to get a prescription for the regular PrimCare One (same but without the stool softener & I believe a little less of some vitamins)

    Let me know if you decide to switch & if you like your new ones...I may need to switch too. :)

    Also, Thanks for reading my blog and sharing your story with me. I am so excited but am also in disbelief like you were. It's still not completely real to me yet.

  3. Hi! What did you decide to take? Thanks!

  4. Citra-Natal is what Im taking now. It comes in a 2-pill form but offers all the same things.

    PreNexa is equally good and and it plant based DHA yogurt coated pill


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