Monday, March 23, 2009

MckMama needs another Miracle

Little Stellan is in the hospital and needs our prayers. We all know MckMama and follow her blog. If you don't here is a link

Here's what she wrote about her son: MckMuffin is our cuddly 4 month old son S! In the womb, he was diagnosed with heart failure: premature atrial contractions at 20 weeks; supraventricular tachycardia, hydrops, and intermittent advanced secondary heart block at 23 weeks; and enlargement of the heart at 32 weeks. When the doctors told us at 24 weeks that our very ill baby would surely die, we chose to give our son completely to God, for He alone knows best. We have not stopped praising our Lord since then, for MckMuffin was healed and was born a well and whole full-term baby...with dimples!!

He has been very healthy minus a RSV battle in December. He had some congestion and a cold over the weekend and she brought him in the hospital because hewwas having coughing spells on the phlegm he was gagging up. They gave him a Nebulizer treatment which worked great but it set his heart into a weird arrhythmia of 300 bpm. Stellan's heart is in Supra Ventricular Tachycardia. They transferred him to Childrens hospital where for the last 24 hrs have been starting and stopping his heart hoping to trick it to slow down and restart in a regular pattern. They have not have had any luck getting his heart to coperate and his heart will only be able to handle this for so long. So please add him to your prayer list or say a quick prayer for this little miracle child. He needs one more miracle to correct his heart.

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