Saturday, March 7, 2009

Where oh where did my chicken legs go?

I have been so crazy busy lately. Since I had been sick I had fallen behind in my schoolwork and just refused to study at all. I am know just getting myself caught up but am not there yet. I have to stand in front of my Leadership in Diversity class and teach for 45 minutes. I'm totally going to throw up. Everyone in the class has to do it so I keep telling myself they felt that way to.

I have been busy getting all of the prizes to the baby shower, supplies for the games, decorations finished I totally stole the idea off April's blog that I believe she got off someone elses blog. But I made BABY sign with the baby t-shirts hanging and the word SHOWER done on each of the gift bags. I will post pics tomorrow after the shower.

Speaking of the shower tomorrow its at my MIL house and we are doing a tea partyish theme with mini sandwiches and salads and bite size pastries. Its mostly going to be my MIL friends and my mothers friends. I do have a few friends coming but amazingly only half the people RSVP'd so there was at least 15 people who said no they could not make it. Oh well It bothered me for a day or two but I'm over it now. I just want everyone to be a part of this experience we are having. I am still totally in Awe that I am pregnant and even more shocked that we will get a baby that belongs to us. I wonder after I see him if I will believe he is mine and he is not going anywhere. Only time will tell and not much time left I think were at 50 days left now.

My Ob appt on Tuesday went pretty smoothly I am still measuring two weeks ahead at each appointment. The doctor told me I should be praying right now that he is ONLY 8 pounds because if he keeps growing at this rate I am in big trouble. Totally did not want to hear that since I am doing natural childbirth with no drugs. He suggests we get an ultrasound around 36 weeks to measure just to make sure. Guess I will be returning that preemie outfit if hes right.

Today I started noticing swelling in my legs, ankles and feet. Then later on I started noticing my hands were swollen and my fingers look like fat little sausages. I didn't think much of it until you barely pushed on my lower leg and it would make a huge dent that stays there for a long time. I thought I should go up to the grocery store to take my blood pressure and it was 158/75. Yikes! I talked to the on-call doctor and who advised me to go to Labor and delivery to get it checked out but I asked him would I be fine If I just hung out at the house monitored it. He said I would probably be fine but to go in tomorrow if I was still swollen. If I do in fact wake up still swollen, I will just have to decide, Do I go in before or after my baby shower????

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