Monday, April 6, 2009

37 Weeks.....The Countdown Begins

Today was a gorgeous Day outside. It is supposed rain Tuesday through Saturday. This past Saturday I found an awesome photographer who does outside photos. She is a SAHM mommy who is just getting her photography business started. Her prices are great too! I love supporting SAHM. I contacted her and she said she could squeeze me in Monday before the rain comes. It couldn't have been more perfect outside. We went to Fair Oaks bluff and she chose some beautiful areas in the grass, against trees and among some flowers. It was alot of fun and will be able to view the photos tomorrow. I took most of the pictures by myself but took some adorable photos with the hubby as well. After Landon's arrival she will come to the house for newborn photos, I can't wait. Here's a small sneak peak of the area we were in for the photo session.

I have been resting all weekend and feel great. Swelling is still there but my blood pressure is lower then it has been. Its still not in the normal range but I know resting and not working any longer has completely helped. I was able to hire two different girls by last Friday. I am just waiting on their fingerprints to come back cleared and they will be able to help my other employee. In the meantime hubby has been helping out. He was so cute he kept asking me did you see me feed the baby or did you see me multi-tasking holding the baby and playing pegboards with three of the preschoolers. He's going to be a great daddy.
I am just enjoying the last 20 days of being just a wife. My husband has been treating me like a princess. After Landon arrives I know I will need so much help but its nice to be just focusing on us right now and spending as much time together as we can. Wish we could have gone on a Babymoon but I think we have decided to go on a small family vacation with Landon when he is about a month old and before we both have to go back to work.

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  1. Enjoy your last few days/weeks. Can't wait to see your pictures.. the area looks beautiful!


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