Tuesday, April 28, 2009

40 Week Belly Bump

Wow I get my body back finally well not my original body but once I recover I get to bend at the waist and sleep on my tummy. WOhoooooooo so looking forward to it. Check out my itty bitty stretch marks oh well now I get a pretty scar to match. Im completely ok with it Ill be a mom not a super model. Hopefully we can update tomorrow (Wednesday) with some pictures.

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  1. What a beautiful baby belly : ) I so miss my baby belly, but I love having Cameron here with me. He is such a sweet little angel. I am typing this around 7:50 am and who knows...you could have possibly had Landon by now (YIPPEEE). You stretch marks are nothing... mine on the other hand, looks like I had a fight with a Lion, Tiger and a Bear (lol) and LOST BIG TIME!!

    Thinking about you today. Can't wait to see little Landon.


  2. Beautiful belly!!! best of luck today...i can't wait to see pictures of your sweet landon!!


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