Sunday, April 26, 2009

As much as I hate going in for nothing...

I'm headed to the hospital just to make sure Landon is alright. I don't normally lay in bed all day but I haven't felt Landon move even once today. I have told my husband of this all day but we didn't want to go in for nothing, especially when we just got checked yesterday and and I am getting checked tomorrow. I don't think I could sleep tonight knowing something may/possibly be wrong and I didn't do something. I know everything is just fine so I will update when I get back home in an hour or two.

I just got done visiting Kayleighs blog you can click the link on the right sidebar if you want to go over to her blog. I can't stand it for a minute that she won't wake up. She has the bravest parents in the world. Im shocked and just have no words at the moment. I sometimes don't understand how God works or why things happen but I will never forget Kayleighs purpose.

Landon is just fine. We were there for a short two hour monitoring. Blood pressure is crazy 160/100. They paged the Dr he said he would see me tomorrow. Landon heart beat seemed fast to me tonight but they said it was fine so I believe them. Oh the nurse checked me which I have only been checked by my Dr. before and she said I may be dilated a fingertip but it was hard to tell. She said not enough to break my water though. Contractions are still 15 minutes apart and pain free cant even feel them.

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  1. Girl - you had me worried. So happy to hear that Landon is ok. I am so surprised that they don't induce you due to your bp.

    I agree with you about Kayleigh... what a precious little girl. I keep praying that she will come out of this by some miracle, but I am also praying that they are able to take her home to her own nursery! What brave parents... I am not sure I could be that brave.

    Hang in there girl.



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