Friday, April 24, 2009

Baby Weight

I totally forgot to mention about my last ultrasound. The results were not back to the doctor at my last appointment, but I did ask lots of questions at the ultrasound. So here's what the tech told me.

She measured babies stomach, head circumference, and femur bone and said he was measuring 5 days behind and as of April 17th, baby weighs 7 pounds, 10 ounces +/- 1 pound, 2 ounces.

We watched as he practiced breathing, moving his diaphragm up and down. It was very hard to see things as the fluid isn't so thick around the baby anymore. We tried for some 3D but they weren't as good as the ones we took took back in February.

So for the baby measuring almost a week behind and not having excessive fluid. I'm clueless on why my belly is so huge. Just hope it shrinks into place at least by a few months after Landon is here. Breastfeeding will help some but i cant wait to start training for triathlons again. I'm very nervous about how I am going to be able to train with having a baby. Obviously I can train on a bike and use a bike trailer, running I can use a jogging stroller but swimming hmmm I'll have to think how I will be able to squeeze that in twice a week. I wonder if I will even feel like getting back out there again due to pure exhaustion. Right now I cant even imagine having Landon here I'm purely running on E. I wake up work for two hours then I nap, go downstairs to eat, come back up and nap, then work for an hour, eat dinner, take another nap , watch TV with hubby then to bed for the night. I sleep through the night besides my twice a night trip to empty the bladder.

I'm back and forth on having him come out now. I'm so impatient this last week. Normally I say I just want him to stay inside I'm fine with it but I admit my body is ache, it hurts to sit because my belly is right on my lap making me forced to sit with my legs in a V (yet he still hasn't dropped) and I'm beginning to be uncomfortable of being out of breath. i have also become panicked that something will happen to him in utero and I will lose him. I find it weird that I still cannot imagine myself with a bay or Ryan and I strapping him into the car seat to bring home. Why? Why can't I imagine something so grand?

Anyways I am to go in Saturday morning to be checked for dilation, a NST and some other tests. I will discuss with Dr Cueto exactly what to do. Are we waiting till he comes naturally or we going to rupture my membranes and start pitocin which I have said I will not take. Everyone is right that you get desperate at the end and pitocin is sounding great =/. I worry also since I read about high blood pressure can cause stillborn. I know I know I am already being this crazy overprotective nervous mother which is so not me. I make good choices and protect my little daycare kids but I most certainly am not overbearing. What to do? what to do? Will update tomorrow after I talk with the Dr.


It's just past midnight. Why lie I'm totally freaking uncomfortable that I am whining right now. This room feels like its 105 degrees despite the two fans blowing on me. Landon has the hiccups which I normally find cute but I am very agitated. Please dialate soon I'm begging.

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  1. You poor thing... praying that little Landon makes his grand entrance into this world soon. Hang in there. ((HUGS))


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