Sunday, April 12, 2009

Can you guess our Baby Pool correctly?

Landon is coming so soon. Our due Date is April 27th, that's just 15 days away. Can you believe it? I sure can't. I'm 30 yrs old and having my first child. I have prayed and dreamed for this day my whole life. The older I got the less and less I thought this dream would ever come true that I actually gave up. It was my husband that encouraged us to seek help. It does not mean that I am cured of infertility, it means we were lucky and were blessed.

I feel so special that God allowed Ryan and I to be parents and so soon. "When will he feel like mine?" is the question I keep asking everyone. I thought the whole point of growing them in your womb was the bond so they do feel like they are yours. Whenever I hold someone elses little one I care for them with great love but I always look at them and wondered what it would feel like to be a mother and nothing comes to me. I assume I am going to be one of those crazy moms that holds her baby tight, photographs every movement, and am crazy about a schedule. I am sure with time all of these things will loosen and I will forget my camera, or writing in his baby book, ask for help with him, and throw my schedule out the door because it is most inconvenient. I want to breastfeed for my own selfish reasons. I know its the best for Landon but I want to do it because of the bond something I have never been able to do with a child. I have done just about everything caring for others children and breastfeeding will seal the deal that he is mine. Plus its just pretty awesome that I will be able to feed my child and give him all of his nutrients the 1st 6 months of life. Its amazing!

Anyways we have decided to open a online baby pool for guessing when Landon is due to arrive. You can guess the sex, date, time, weight and length of him. Whoever is the closest will receive a small gift card from us.

Here's how the game is scored

  • Incorrect Gender: 400 points
  • Birth Date & Time: 5 points/hour
  • Weight: 5 points/ounce
  • Length: 10 points/inch

Click on the box in the right hand corner of the page and click there. Once the webpage opens click on "Enter a Guess"

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