Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dealing with Infertility???

I've been cleaning with the help of my husband and parents this weekend. Like deep cleaning, baseboards, emptying cupboards , clearning closets. During the course of this cleaning I found all my old fertility meds. I checked everything out and there was only one box of expired meds.

I wanted to pay it forward and donate these items to someone who can use them before they expire. All of my meds were donated to me so now I would like to donate them to someone who could really use them.

I have enough for entire egg cycle of IUI or IVF. This is for stimulating your ovaries. I do not want to give it to someone who will sell this, I want to help another couple out. It also needs to be for someone who is being monitored by a doctor as it is very dangerous without regular monitoring. When I used these meds they stimulated my ovaries so much that we had about 20 eggs in each ovary that were ready to be released. That was with every other day monitoring we were forced to switch from insemination to egg retrieval or the cycle would have been cancleled. If we had not listened to the doctor and went about our business on our own I could have been pregnant with tons of babies making Octomom look like she was trying to catch up with me. HA

I have the following meds to offer.

3 Boxes of Gonal-F Multidose 450 IU (exp 6/2009) So you would need to start your cycle soon.
1 Box of Chronic Gonadotropin (I piad $70 for this) Exp11/2009
Tons of 1ml 27G needles
Tons of 1 1/2" 22G needles
Tonsof Alcohol wipes
1 Sharps container
I may even have some Endometrim and progesterone but I would need to look
I can also include Fertility nutrition list specific for what you may be dealing with PCOS or ENDO etc.

I accept no responsibility for any of these meds. Fertility medicine can be very risky and dangerous. I do know how expensive it can be as we spent thousands and thousands and it adds up fast. I just really want to help someone out in the finacial dept. I know alot of people dealing with fertility read my blog or may know a friend using these exact meds. Please let me know and we can talk through email.

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  1. That is so sweet of you, children are such a blessing and everyone deserves that chance! Way to pay it foward I hope it goes to someone who needs it and it helps them concieve:)

  2. I think the only thing that I could use would be the Endometrin (if you have some) and any endo info that you have. You can email me, to get some info. I think we are going to be doing our FET after the summer. We are going to try and take a few trip this summer to just relax and enjoy each other.


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