Monday, April 27, 2009

It all said and done...........

Alright here we go. I had my ob appt yesterday and was so excited about it because I am now 40 weeks. Since I have been banished to laying only on my side to control my blood pressure my mom came down to my house since hubby had to go to work for the rest of the day. She showed up and brought me delicious fresh fruit and dip. Yummm! I got up and took a shower and noticed I had leg cramps in my lower legs. She told me laying in bed can actually harm me so she asked if I wanted to grab a bite to eat before my appointment. We went to Islands restaurant and then my appointment.

Dr listened to babies heart rate which sounded wonderful. Then he checked my cervix still no changes, not softened, not dilated and baby still has not even began to descend down. He told me that he could induce me but here's why he thinks we should and just proceed with the C-Section.

If we waited it out longer he doesn't think I would dilate then he would start pitocin and rupture my membranes. He says it would probably take me 3 days of labor to even reach a 5 and it would be long and painful and more then likely will raise my BP and stress the baby which would end in a C-Section anyways. He says we have a large baby and I have small hips which would make me need a C-Section. With the early toxemia it would be best to get him out of there and me recovering so its all said and done. So tomorrow is the Day.

Landon will arrive shortly after 7:30am. Ackkkkkkkkkkkkkk I am so nervous, but excited at the same time. I don't think I will even be able to sleep tonight. I have to repack my hospital bag since I was only planning on staying 24 hrs and had all my natural labor goodies in there and wont need them. I need to go get some nighties instead of pajama pants since I wont want anything pressing on my stomach. Geez as I am typing this I have goosbumps up and down my arms and butterflies in my stomach. I am so nervous I tell ya. I wont be home till Saturday so I plan on hooking my cell phone up to my blog so I can send updates.

Check back later today. I will post my final pictures of my overgrown belly bump for the last time. I keep saying everything I do this will be the last time doing this still pregnant. I am already mourning my bump loss and I haven't even lost it yet. I will miss being pregnant and don't ever know if it will happen again for us so I cherish these last hours carrying Landon around all safe and sound. After today I will be responsible for a newborn. Eek I know I can do it but this is major surgery. Ouch! I also don't like to hold teeny tiny babies, the youngest kid in my childcare has been 8 weeks old so this will be a new experience for me and my husband. Wowzerz wish us luck. I will see if my friend Traci can add a picture of Luck Landon after he arrives for me.

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  1. I am so excited for you!!!! I can't wait to see pictures of the newest memeber of your family. I know this is probably not how you wanted it to all happen but at least you will get to meet him tomorrow!!!! I will be praying for you tomorrow and I hope everything goes smoothly and Landon comes out healthy. So excited....can't wait!!!!

  2. Wooo Hooo for you!!! Very excited for you guys!! Everyting will be great!! Tomorrow or is it will be a mommy!! Congratulations!!!!!

  3. Hey Mariah I had a c-section with Ash because he was breech - I was 3 weeks from due date when he turned. I had all my plans go down the tubes but it all turned out fine. Who is your Dr? FOr some reason I am thinking it is my Dr. but I can't recall - remind me. Is it Dr. Scates? Anyway, the section is not that bad - the worst part for me was after the fact and its all done you have to lay there because you can't feel your legs at all. I kept trying to move my toes and just couldn't. It was weird and I hated it. But they moved me about an hour later and brought Ashton to me then because he was finally able to keep himself warm. That is the best moment of your life. Have Ryan go and take pics of him right when he comes out and bring them to show you while your laying there. Have him take his phone in so he can go to the baby, take the pic, and them come to you and show you while they close you up. Congrats to you and Ryan and I can't wait to see pics!!! You'll do great and even get some good pain meds after now that your having a c-section! :) I had Ashton sleep right next to me in the hospital bed too since you can't get up to get him just never have anyone put him down! Love ya girl - will be thinking of you! Might come visit too - are you at Sutter Roseville? Maybe text me if your up to it - 778-8630

  4. WOOHOO - I am so excited for you!! I had a c-section and as much as I didn't want it... it was nice that they FINALLY told me that a c-section would be the only option after 31 hours of very tiresome labor. Can't wait to see pics of your sweet boy. Keeping the 3 of you in my prayers!! Good Luck Girl.


  5. awww all of you just gave me the butterflies and goosebumps. This is so real!! I can't wait to share my son with you. Ahhh thats crazy I said my son. It really is meaning something now. =D The biggest smiles ever!!!


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