Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman.......

I have the greatest news. Monday night I was home alone, hubby was at his soccer game. I was about to hop into the shower when I looked down and noticed the greatest thing ever (NO, the baby hasn't dropped, that would be great too) but anyways coming from my left boob was the best thing ever ... Colostrum. I started screaming joys of happiness. I really have had this idea that my body has no idea that I am even pregnant and my boobs don't know what to do. I felt since I had to trick my body into getting pregnant with fertility drugs, that it just doesn't know what to do. Everyone who has been pregnant before that I asked said there boobs were sore, leaking or there nipples were super sensitive. I have none of those things, so naturally I was worried my milk would never come in and I would deprive my child of this. I want to breastfeed my babe so bad. With the decade of children I have watched and cared for, breastfeeding is something I of course have never done and will be so unique and special to share with my child.

We were busy last week and forgot to take our 38 week belly photos. I made sure not to forget this week as we are getting so close and I want to remember the last few days before his arrival.

After downloading these pictures onto my computer I noticed some stretchmarks on the lower part of my belly where I am not able to see myself. I'm not upset by them but I am kinda stunned that I did not get any stretch marks until my 39th weeks. Seriously Landon you can come out now before I get some more this week or next.
Speaking of coming out. I am completely ready for this, that I am just bored not working, nothing to clean and nothing to do. I am getting really antsy. I think the most part is I am negative on protein now and my blood pressure is under control as long as I am not working. I am still 50% effaced and no dilation. Landon has not engaged whatsoever and we are approaching due date in 4 days. The original plan was induction on my due date due to the high blood pressure but now that I am just borderline under it Dr has agreed to let me go up to a week over due. Which would put me up to May 4th. I then asked whats the plan? He plans on rupturing my membranes and then start a pitocin drip. Ughhhhh two problems with that, first you have to be at least dilated to one so he can get in and rupture the membranes, and second I really really do not want pitocin. I feel i can handle natural childbirth but with pitocin I'm not sure how strong I will be. If its to unbearable I will take a narcotic to take the edge off but don't want the epidural so I can walk the hallways, change birthing positions, use the shower to relieve pain and most importantly know when I need to push.

So Landon if you could just come out in the next few days and kick start this naturally I will be very happy.

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  1. WOW - look at that belly. I don't recall being that big!! Does the doctor say how big they think Landon is going to be? Just curious. Wonderful news about your breast milk coming in. To make a long story short... my milk didn't come in when they induced me early and my son never took to my breast, but I was able to give him my breastmilk for 4 months and I was thrilled I was able to do that. I am happy for you... it made me feel so good that I was able to do that for my child.


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