Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Maternity Photo Session

Eeeeeeeeek I just love them , love them, love them. I had no idea they would turn out this cute. All the hiking all over the bluff was so worth it. My husband was getting attacked by bugs and mosquitos the whole time. I want to buy one of each and make a special album for Landon.

K ladies I need your help!!!!!! Now I know these are not all of my photos just a sneak peek but which one is your favorite???? Please leave me a comment and let me know

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  1. They are all great but a favorite is easy...The first one or the one of just you in the yellow top (second to last). Love them, you look great:)

  2. I already picked but here you go...
    the first one (you and ryan)
    and the tree ones
    and the yellow shirt
    one and the fence one...
    Ok they are all Fantastic!!!

  3. OMGosh!! They are excellent and well I love all of them. I love the one of just you in the yellow shirt with your hand on your belly. I also love love love the 1st picture and the one of you and your hubby looking into each others eyes. Can't wait to see more!! You are looking great Momma : )

  4. Such great photos, u look great!

  5. I follow your blog, I love it!
    I love all of these pictures!!! I love the first one a lot!!

  6. I love them all!!! I always love pictures taken outdoors. My favorite is the third from the bottom; I just love the looks on both of your faces!

    I would love the info on the endo diet; right now I am doing the Fertility Diet. I think the meds on my next round will be Lovenox, Vivelle Patches, Endometrin, POI, and Estrace. And yes I have found two different acupuncturists (my RE uses them both), one close to where I live and the other would come to the transfer and do a session before and after the transfer.

  7. o.m.g.! these are breath taking!!!


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