Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh, So he is already in charge?

Went in to Labor and Delivery for NST, urine test and bloodwork Saturday morning. Hooked all the belly monitoring up and my blood pressure cuff and my first BP had a high diastolic reading (134/94). The nurse asked me to lay down on my left side, the reading changed (116/71) AMAZINGLY beautiful number. We monitor blood pressure reading every 5 minutes for the hour. The nurse comes back in and asks me about bladder infections. I tell her I get them very, very often but not since being pregnant. She asked because she said that my sample was negative on protein but had a huge amount of bacteria in it. Hmmmm. Dr Cueto arrives says lets not worry about that right now we will retest on Monday. He checks for dilation which took alot longer and was twice as uncomfortable as any other check had been. As he keeps poking around he says I don't think hes head down anymore? WHAT!! He places one hand on my belly and says oh theres his head. He just moved higher up that I couldn't feel his head. Still no dilation and your closed up tight. Seriously does Landon not know its time to come out. He then tells me we may need to do a C-Section soon. After awhile I sit up to eat some fruit hubby got from the cafeteria. Th bp reading goes sky high. I lay back down and it goes normal. Figures!! I'm starting to realize that I need to lay down. I get discharge instructions that I am to lay down my side only until Mondays appointment. Oh really??? This is going to be fun since I get antsy sitting still.

I have spent all of Saturday laying bed. Fabulous. I'm bored but haven't gone crazy yet. I sit up to eat dinner and Ryan takes my BP 160/100 Holy Frojitos!!!! I lay down and we take it 5 minutes later and it returns to normal. I can't believe it Landon is controlling me. Not only do I have to stay in bed but I have to stay on my side. I have no clue how women who are put on bed rest for weeks and weeks make it. I want to sit up.

Currently the plan is to check me Monday at 2:15 and then schedule the C-Section. Barf, I can't believe I'm going to have a C-Section better call the doula and let her know. Guess we wont be going to our last Bradley Birthing class, or needing the birthing ball, rice bags or other birthing pain distractions. Seriously child I have not felt one Braxton Hicks or real contraction. I am still having contractions but they didn't tell me if they were still 15 minutes apart. I can't feel anything.

For the most part of today I have been panicked now I just want my baby out safe on this side of my body. I'm worried something is going to happen to him if I push for waiting it out.

The plan before would be that we would induce on due date (April27th) by rupturing membranes and start pitocin. Being induced is no longer an option as I would need to be at least 1cm dilated.I have done everything to possibly induce. Evening Primrose oil, sex, spicy food, pumping my breasts. Nothing has worked. Baby has been head down for two months but has not engaged at all. I really want to wait it out and go overdue but am nervous that it compromise the health of the baby and I'm being selfish. A C-Section was not in my plan and am nervous I wont be able to solely breastfeed if I have to have one.Praying baby makes changes in the next 48-72 hours so I can be induced instead. So Landon your already in charge and the worldwaits on you.

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  1. WOW - What a little stinker Landon is being. Here is to hoping that your little guy comes out soon. I remember being at this point and I was SO ready for him to come. Good thing they induced me early since I am a diabetic. Hang in there girl.

  2. I had my twins C-section...I was alert and awake afterwards..and I breastfed both my boys right away. ITs not what you want but it will be fine!! Think positive he wont have a cone head!! You are almost there!!

  3. Don't give up hope. With my first I was closed up tight, never any braxton hicks.. nada. Finally, 14 days OVER DUE I was a fingertip dialated. If you're a finger tip dialated they CAN induce you. I was. The only thing I see compromising the whole thing is your blood pressure, otherwise if you wanted a Vag Birth I'd make them hold off on the C Section until you absolutely feel that is your best and last option. Don't get discouraged.. I cried thinking my son was never going to come out and then once he's here you'll realize that that time was really nothing at all. I'm about to deliver baby boy #3 tomorrow night and with all three I have never ever felt a braxton hick contration..Hang in there, you've got the best intentions for your baby!!


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