Thursday, April 23, 2009

Over the River and ....

to the woods I mean Hospital. Headed there now. I have been exhausted and nausea since last Friday. When I woke this morning I was ache, back ache, and just felt like I was ran over by a bus. I went back to bed at around 9:30am and woke up at 11:00am and went downstairs to get something to eat. My employees noticed my legs were very swollen and bright red and purple. I couldn't see it for myself they looked normal to me. I went upstairs and took my blood pressure. It was 156/88. I called my Dr's office and told them how I felt they left a message and said they would call me back and 2.5 hrs later they called me and told me to go to Labor and delivery for monitoring. I really hope they just tell me I am starting labor. I hate sitting in there being monitored and telling me your just pregnant, go home and rest. I have 4 days left till my due date. I'm ready now Landon. I can give you a map if you need directions on how to get out. Daddy is ready to meet you, grandmas are anxious to hold you and mommy really is excited about breastfeeding so you now have my permission to come out and meet us. I promise you'll love us.

Home from the hospital now. I had hope for a minute that I wasn't going to be sent home so fast. I was always told if my BP was consistently higher then 150Systolic or ever above 90 Diastolic that I was to come straight to labor and delivery. When I got there they hooked up the monitors to my my big belly and the blood pressure cuff to my arm. I kept getting readings over 90 diastolic and about 140 up to 156 systolic. I even had 4 contractions while I was there, one every 15 minutes. Never even felt anything. The nurse never even checked to see if my legs were purple or swollen. They monitored me for an hour said yes my BP is high and then brought in discharge papers. My regular OB is not working and a different Dr was on call. I plan to talk to my regular Dr tomorrow when he is back on and found out he is on call all weekend. (Sounds like a good weekend to have a baby.)

In the meantime I am on bed rest and to come back if i worsen. I am exhausted and have a headache off and on. I really really want to go into labor naturally but if my bp continues to be high then I am ready for Mr. to make his debut.

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  1. How sweet...i hope little Landon makes his grand debut really, really soon!!!

  2. Hello, What a beautiful blog. I was just reading this entry and thought it sounded like Pre E. I wish you the best and hope you are feeling ok. Good luck with London.
    Im a mother of two wee girls from New Zealand


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