Sunday, April 19, 2009

Relax its Easter

Final countdown for Landon's arrival has began. Only 8 more days WOW. Were so close to bringing our baby home. Its crazy. The house is is getting organized, swept, cleaned, sanitized. The laundry has been put away, floors scrubbed, and carpets cleaned. My mother, father, husband and I did all the cleaning. My mother-in-law made delicious soup and some other things for us to enjoy this week. My friend Traci stopped by to show me how to use my breastpump, which is a whole other topic. I think everything has been checked off the to-do list.

I still need to have an electrician out to the house to fix the upstairs bathroom. The lights do not work but the outlets do. Then in Landon's room the lights work but not the outlets. Strange but I would just feel better to have it taken care of before baby arrives home. My only problem is the word electrician scares the crap out of me because I just see $$$. I also know that its not safe and could start a fire if the electrical is hot. Why does a new house house have problems? I guess its all just part of owning a home and it could be far worse.

I feel so special to have so many caring people care about our son. Even though he has completely everything he possibly could need people still insist on buying him things. These are the things Lucky Landon received this week. I like that name I wonder if I will call him that.

One of my daycare boys who I am really close with insists on buying or giving Landon all kinds of things. He is just the sweetest little guy. He gave Landon one of his books because he doesn't need it anymore. How sweet and thoughtful of a 4 yr old. He also brought him a Easter chicken that plays the chicken dance song and waddles. I'm sure Landon will love this next year as he toddles around trying to catch it. Thank you Josheeeee!

This came in the mail this week completely surprising both Ryan and I. We needed a bouncer, especially one that vibrated so we will be able to calm Landon down when he gets fussy. Ryan's Uncle Joe and Aunt Pam sent this from Minnesota as well as 4 adorable receiving blankets. We had no clue and had no expectations and are extremely appreciative of these gifts. We are dying to bring Landon out to Minnesota this summer and show all of the family at the Lake. Were still debating of if it will be safe to bring Landon on an airplane at 8 weeks old with no shots. I plan to get his first set of shots sometime in August/September. Maybe the pediatrician will have some insight on what he may be able to get away with having to fly safely.

Its been a whole year since we seen you guys. This year will be quite different with a baby in tow. Not that we wont have millions of babysitters at the Lake. I hope we can go out for a night out of fun again.

We received a second surprise gift in the mail. This beautiful handmade blanket all the way from Arizona is from my Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill. This is very special to me as Landon's room is Vintage firetruck theme. My aunt has two sons, my cousins, Jeremy and Cody who are both firefighters. Maybe Landon will love helping people just like you two and think of you guys as his heroes.

I know we are a week past Easter but I haven't posted any pictures. We drove up to the MIL house and had a delicious home cooked meal that was magnificent. Every Easter since Ryan and I have been together we have always ate at the country club but due to the economy they went bankrupt and closed. This is very sad as this is where Ryan and I got married. Its time to set up new traditions and memories for Landon for the years to come.

Easter 2009

I got spend some time with my oh so grown up 8 yr old Goddaughter. We hung out in the Spa and relaxed. Feels so good to be weightless when your full-term. Look at that big old belly in a bikini. You probably wont catch me in a bikini this summer which will again be sad for our trip back at Minnesota and lounging around the Lake.

We'll we hope you had a fun and as relaxing Easter as we had.

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