Thursday, April 2, 2009

What do you mean engage?

So I went to the O.B. today for my 36 week appointment and had my strep b test, which was not uncomfortable at all. Many women tried to scare me that it was going to hurt and told me to be aware that they swab you in your rectum as well. I just wanted to say, No they did not, it was only one swab and it was the same as if having a pap. I will find out next Friday if it was negative or positive. It doesnt really matter either way except I would need to get to the hospital earlier to receive the antibiotics instead of saying home for the majority of the time.

While I was getting the test I asked if I could be checked to see if I was dilated at all. He says are you sure its kinda painful. I laugh cant be more painful then labor, bring it on. As hes checking (which is not painful, just pressure) he says nope no dilation, your not engaged I can still push babies head up, and your not soft or thinned out. Ok, I didn't really expect any progress but theres always wishful thinking. He tells me it will probably be at least till my due date or after. Ok that's fine I'm not so so uncomfortable, YET. Just that my pelvis aches, and I get to the point of exhaustion if I do to much. The achenes in the pelvis is really mild and not painful but what is painful is when my disc in my back slips forward. I have spondelosthesis (think that's how you spell it) in my L5 vertebrae and when the disc slips it feels as if there is a broken bone fragment in my lower spine. It's not constant all day but when I twist, bend or roll over in bed is when its the worst. Its bearable so I'm not complaining for now.

Now my blood pressure is not doing as well as I feel. Its on the high side at about 150/90 and seems to get higher at each appointment. He just informed me I have 1+ protein in my urine the same I had in the hospital. What nobody told me last week when I was there. Dr said if I continue like this its more then likely he will need to induce me. Ackkkkkkkkk I said what did he just say "induce", ummm this NOT in my birth plan. That is not in my natural childbirth design. I also remember him saying if I do have to induce you I'm just letting you know now its not going to be easy, its going to hard, long and painful because your body is not ready and baby is not ready. I asked why induce then? It's not healthy for baby or you. We will monitor you and see what is going on in a week and make a decision. We will also do an ultrasound around 38 weeks to see how big the baby is because I am still measuring slighty larger.

Instantly I go home to think about all this new information I have just been given. I start thinking that a C-section may be only option. I start talking myself into this idea and think I might be ok with this idea. I talk with some of my preschool parents who have had the c-sections right away to ask them many questions since I know nothing about them. Everything they teach you at Bradley classes is just the reason why you don't want them. You don't see the baby for a few hours, you wont be able to hold them or breastfeed right away or get out of bed for a little bit. Also since you wont have the surge of hormones you get right as you push the baby out, it will be harder to breastfeed and since baby didn't get squished through the birth canal there lungs wont be ringed out and it will be harder for them to breastfeed as well.

My husband and I meet with my Doula the next morning to discuss our expectation for her and of the birth. I tell her all that I was told at the Dr's the previous day and she reassures me there are options to get my childbirth started more natural. Wow, this is sounding like there is hope for my natural childbirth still. She receommended the following:

1) Primrose caplets twice a day after 37 weeks

2) Start having sex

3) Acupuncture

4) Brewer Diet

5) Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

6) Caster oil**which I will NOT be trying

If needed:

7) Blue & Black Cohosh** Not safe in my opinion

I have read so much on the internet and these are all recommended to induce labor but not proven to actually start labor. Some are even harmful to some women or some babies. Oh I do not know what to do. I have been reaching out for answers on what is best for baby and what is best for my health. I should have more answers by Friday after I see the doctor again (At that point I will be 37 week 4 days) Good thing is Landon is active showing he is feeling great, his heartrate is good and fluctuates up and down showing he is being a normal healthy baby.

I'm finally fully enjoying feeling Landon move inside. I get very excited when he moves and as I hadn't before want everyone around me to feel it. I constantly feel his pushes and place my hand over the spot and can almost make out a foot/hand/knee. Its crazy! Dr said he is still head down so that over 6 weeks he has been in this position he said it would be highly unlikely he would try to flip around since there is little room left. That's a good thing.

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  1. Well, they induced me early because I am a diabetic. I was induced at 38 1/2 weeks. They induced me, I was in labor for about 31 hours and then they tell me that I am going to have a c-section. Oh yes, gotta love the fact that I am in labor for that long, going no where fast and then they decide on a c-section. The thing is that once they break your water then they only have so long before the baby can come out and then they have to do a c-section. Hopefully your bp gets under control a bit and you can all start things naturally.

    Thinking about you and can hardly wait to see Landon.


  2. Your list is exactly what my List looked like! Except the castor oil. Make sure the primorose oil is also applied vaginally. I took them orally and place 2 of them before going to bed right next to my cervix. Just make to go to bed right after. Also, sex helped A LOT!!! (lol) C-section is something you def want to avoid since it is a major abdominal surgery but I won't mind it IF is an emergency. Pitocin makes the baby's heart beat to slow down and it's dangerous for the baby, the contrax with pit are evil too! I hate Pit, I had this with my daughters and I regret it!!! I wished I had my daughters naturally like God intended but I made it up with my third :)

    Good Luck to you, you seem VERY prepared!

    ps. check out my post about My Home Birth (first post I mentioned primrose)


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