Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thar she grows

36 Week Belly

Wow whose belly is that?? I'm sitting staring at my belly today and I realize that it is huge, no not huge, Ginormous. Not sure if it looks as huge as it does in person but all the comments i get are "wow your so big." As I'm sitting there humbled by the size of this large belly I begin to envision a 2 liter bottle on its side with a balloon inside. I then imagine trying to get the balloon out without breaking it. That's what I feel labor will be like. As eager as I am to get him here, I want to soak in each moment as a selfish lady lying around in the evenings being bored. Its weird to say I love something I have never seen before. I mean seriously that's strange. When exactly will I feel like a mommy? The second I see him? when I bring home? when I'm nursing him? when he first smiles or says momma? Does it sink in that he is mine? I see all these mommies around me with there babies and I think i could never feel that way. I have been caring for other peoples children for so long that its just unusual for me to have my own. Ha I know he will feel like my own when he screams in the middle of the night and I wake up wondering when that babies mother will get that baby and make him be quiet so I can go back to sleep. Then I will realize that someone is me.

Oh and by the way I don't think its funny ladies to not share with me that there would come a time in my pregnancy that I can use the restroom and no longer reach with the toilet paper to wipe after I pee. Haha this came as a huge laugh to me today. My belly is so round and hard as a rock I just cant reach. Sadly today was my first day I felt like poo. All my joints are stiff, my pelvis aches as I walk and I can no longer walk without pain, heaviness, and pressure on my pelvis. I have some weird tweak in the lower part of my pelvis in the back that makes it quite painful when I twist out of bed etc. I thought it wouldn't happen to me but baby is right under my lungs now, not to bad but if he continues to grow this week it will put more pressure on breathing. Because of where I feel him I know he has not dropped yet, although I he is also extremely low enough when I sit I have to lift him otherwise its hard to sit he rests right on top of my legs. I have been getting these "hot flash" type things, the sides of my face start burning
and the my ears start steaming and they feel red and on fire. My husband said its probably a surge of hormones. Trust me I know it is I tell him. The hormones are also causing me to get acne on my neck, chest and shoulders which I never have. I know it will end soon. I still keep thanking him for my nose spreading and being huge now. Acid reflux has become more common this last week, lucky for me no heartburn though.

Tomorrow is my last two week appointment and I am now on weekly appointments. I will get my Strep B test tomorrow and while he is down there I plan to have him check if I have made any progress on my getting this baby out. I'm also not sure if this true but that goop they put in the babies eyes afterwards is to prevent them from getting chlamydia. I was thinking couldn't I just be tested for it and then he wouldn't have to have it. That's my plan we'll discuss that with doc. Now since I am not doing shots for baby, I forgot about the Vitamin K shot they give babies after birth. My healthy Babies nurse brought that up so now I will need to study up on that.

Booked an appointment for the hospital tour next Monday so I will know the procedures of the hospital. Oh ya I forgot to mention that my blood pressure has been perfect this week and my pulse has been fluctuating in and out of the normal range. So these are positive things to be thankful for. Only 25 days to Landon's debut.

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  1. His arrival is just around the corner and I must say that it looks like he could "POP" anyday. Sorry Momma, but you do have a big belly, but don't you just love it?!? I would do it again in a heartbeat!! I loved being pregnant EXCEPT towards the end when I felt all the things you are starting to experience.

    I don't think I ever told you this, but Landon was one of the names that we had in the running for our little boy. I love that name!! We just decided to go with Cameron because I wanted to name him after a certain special someone.

    Hang in there girl ((HUGS))

  2. lol its not huge it looks like a 36 week belly. I think it is funny we all think we have these huge bellys when we look at ousrelf in the mirror but I promise its not as big as you think :) Oh and get ready I delivered Poops at 36 weeks pack you bag and put a towel down in your car TRUST ME!
    P.S. Love the new layout!!!!

  3. looks beautiful!!!!

    We skipped the shots including the Vit K for my boy. What I did, was to eat spinach (in.everything!) a month before giving birth so I guess you could start NOW (lol!). I also ate tons of it postpartum and breastfed in demand. He'll take the vitamin k from your nutrition.

    Anyways, I hope you feel better ((((hugs))) I guess is time for a massage?!?! :P

  4. I remember being that big with my 2nd child. My 1st came to early and Eva was not real big either.
    I hope things continue to go well minus the blood presure being a bit high and the slight pain you are having.
    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Crytal and Eva


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