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What a Pregnant Diet??

What exactly is the Brewer Diet??

I am copying all of this information from if you want to go read up on it yourself. Actually you should go read up on it, even if you think you eat healthy and have no problems. Being that we are all trying to live, and eat healthier its a good idea to start this "diet" at some point during your pregnancy for good nutrition for baby and you. It helps prevent pre-clampsia and toxemia or reverse it if you already have it.
Heres what the Brewer Diet recommends:

Every day of the week, you and your baby must have:

  • One quart (4 cups) of milk. Any kind will do: whole milk, low fat, skim, powdered, or buttermilk. If you do not like milk, you can substitute one cup of yogurt for each cup of milk.
  • Two eggs.
  • One or two servings of fish, shellfish, chicken or turkey, lean beef, veal, lamb, pork, liver or kidney. Alternative combinations include:
    >>Rice with beans, cheese, sesame, milk
    >>Cornmeal with beans, cheese, tofu, milk.
    >>Beans with rice, bulgur, cornmeal, wheat noodles sesame seeds, milk.
    >>Peanuts with: sunflower seeds, milk.
    >>Whole wheat bread or noodles with: beans, cheese, peanut butter, milk, tofu.

For each serving of meat, you can substitute these quantities of cheese:
Brick 4 oz.
Longhorn 3 oz.
Camembert6 oz.
Muenster4 oz.
Cheddar3 oz.
Monterey Jack4 oz.
Cottage 6 oz.
Swiss 3 oz.

  • One or two servings of fresh, green, leafy vegetables: mustard, beet, collard, dandelion or turnip greens, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, kale, Swiss chard.
  • Five servings of whole grain breads, rolls, cereals or pancakes: wheatena, 100% bran flakes, granola, shredded wheat, wheat germ, oatmeal, buckwheat or whole wheat pancakes, corn bread, corn tortillas, corn or bran or whole wheat muffins, waffles, brown rice.
  • Two choices from: a whole potato (any style), large green pepper, grapefruit, lemon, lime, papaya, tomato (one piece of fruit, or one large glass of juice).
  • Three pats of butter.

Also include in your diet, in addition to the above (i.e., don’t count one food in two categories):

  • A yellow- or orange-colored vegetable or fruit five times a week.
  • Liver once a week, if you like it.
  • Water: Drink to thirst.

It is not healthy for you and your unborn baby to go even 24 hours without good food!

K ladies............... I know how we like checklists and organization so they even made a printable checklist you can use to make sure you are eating healthy. Scroll down and you can choose Basic, Lacto, Vegan and one for Multiple births.

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