Monday, April 27, 2009

Why dont they induce?

Ok the question on everyones mind. I get asked this daily and I even ask at every appointment and so forth. Why don't you just induce me??????? At every appointment and Hospital visit they check my cervix and its always the same 0, nada, nothing, zilch I have not dilated whatsoever. In fact the kid has not even lowered into my pelvis. Hes warm and comfortable remaining up in the womb. Without a little decent from his head I feel I will never dilate. No dilation means I can't be induced.

I know many people will say I have been induced and wasn't dilated or a friend was induced and she wasn't. Well thats true they were and they had to use cervix softeners like cervadil or something to that nature. Cervadil other softeners are controversial. They have been on and off the FDA's approved list as safe or unsafe. My doctor of course does not believe in them, like them or use them.

In order for me to be induced I need to be dilated to a 1-2 in order to rupture membranes (bag of waters) and start pitocin. Dr has also warned me since Landon is not showing signs of being ready to come out that it will be long, painful process. (Isn' that labor? He means more intense, I think) This is not one of my top ways I would have chosen to have my son born but I am willing to take pitocin if it means getting him out. I am also not sure about the natural pain free birth if we have to go this route. I have said since the day I started being interested in a unmedicated birth that I would not take pitocin or drugs during labor that I would let nature take its course. I'm not so sure about this if I I will be in pain for days at a time with Landon taking his sweet time. I do have a plan though. I will take some meds (narcotics) to ease pain and allow me to sleep over taking the epidural. If we go into unbearable long term pain then I am not apposed to taking the epidural I just don't want to be stuck in bed laboring on my back. I want the option to use my birth ball, walkaround, take a shower, use the restroom, tell them when I need to push and use whatever position is comfortable at the time such as squatting. If I take the epi then I can't do any of that and I like to feel in control of a situation I sorta have no control over. My last option would be to take the epidural because I'm crazy and can't handle it (Due to I have never even had a period cramp, nice huh?)

All of that is nice to talk about but unless I miraculously dilate in the next 24-48 hours then were just talking C-section. I have not planned on a C-Section and will quickly come up with my birth plan today for this. I need to talk to my doctor about this choice today as I still want my son laid on my chest immediately afterwards and would like the option of my uterus to begin contracting before he is pulled out all the way. This helps to squish out the fluid in his chest just like a vaginal birth. I would like to have a nurse help me breastfeed while laying on the table and if the baby has to be checked over or taken to the nursery I want my husband to go with the baby at all times. Knowing that skin-to-skin contact is best and if for some reason I cant do that that my husband can do kangaroo care until I can sit up and stop shaking.

Ok totally off subject but my husband is running the childcare downstairs as I type this. He has two infants and three make that four preschoolers. The first kids arrived at 6:45am and my employees arrive at 8:00am to take over. I appreciate him so much for all he does for me. He has catered to me all weekend making me food, doing the daycare grocery shopping, finished all of our laundry, even decided on his own to wash the bedsheets and linen on our bed and even trimmed the trees in the backyard. He doesn't read the blog but I truly respect him and how hard he works for this family. I can't wait to see him be a Dad and care so much for his boy.

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  1. awww..what a sweet husband!! and so cute too!!
    :-) I did not even know they could do that with your uterus to squeeze the yuckys out of the babies chest....and I had 2 C-sections...

    xxxxx'ing my fingers for labor to start!!


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