Friday, May 15, 2009

1st Soccer Game

Today we packed up and headed off to daddies soccer game. I had time to feed Landon and give him his second bath today in which he loved. I know only two baths well I was scared and didn't know what to do. I didn't want him to hate it. Thank goodness he doesn't. After his bath daddy dried him up while I cleaned up the mess. I'm still not sure if he is old enough to use lotion on so for now I have been putting baby oil on his wrist and ankles for the dry skin newborns get. He just started getting a teeny bit of baby acne but its really really minor at this point. I don't want to irritate it any further. We dressed him in a Naartjie shorts outfit due to it being extremely hot and left for the Soccer game.

Landon slept the entire time and woke up for the last 4 minutes of the game. I just had enough time to change his diaper which I changed right there on the bleachers. Afterwards I wondered if anyone gets weirded out about me doing that. He was laying on his thick blanket and I changed him super fast from start to finish its usually just about 45 seconds. I love using cloth diapers, just unsnap throw in the wet bag and snap on the new one and voila all done........ And I just have to boot they are so stinking cute on his little rump.

We got to see baby Anthony who is only two months old. His mom was the other mom who the Soccer Baby shower was given for. I enjoyed talking to another mommy whose baby is close to Landons age.

Gosh I have a million pictures I want to share of my smiley, giggly, bouncing baby boy but I cannot find the stinken camera cord. I want to share his first bath, first shopping trip, first mothers day and other cute pictures but man oh man I had that cord last week and it just disappeared we had to have put it away somewhere since the house is so clean. As soon as I find it I will do a bunch of blog entries to catch up to where we are currently.

Hope you enjoy your weekend its supposed to get in triple digits here in Sacramento so I think I will be staying indoors mostly. Tomorrow evening we are going to dinner at a friends house which will be lots of fun and so different as we have not gone out as a family yet.

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  1. FYI, my Dr. said (and my sister's Dr. told her the same thing) that no baby lotion until they stop loosing that first layer of skin. Can't wait to see the pictures!!

  2. Thank you that helps alot. I forgot to ask the Dr last time I was there.

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