Thursday, May 14, 2009

2 week appointment

Today my baby had his 2 week appointment and I had my post partum appointment. Landon's birth weight was 8lb 8oz, we visited the doctor at 5 days old for a weight check and he was 7lb 10oz, and now at 15 days old he is 8lb 11oz. Way to grow buddy that must mean my boobie milk is working. He has also grown an inch from 19" to 20" but I'm not sure how accurate that is since we held him down to take these measurements and he wouldn't extend his leg all the way.

Dr Skiles came in and checked him out all over and checked his muscle tone and said everything looked fine. Then she said Ok were ready for shots today and I said NO. She said what do you mean No and I told her was doing the late start vaccines and we would start around 3 months. She said there is no 3 month appointment only a 2 month appointment. I said well hes not starting until them. She said then asked me whats the big deal? I said I don't want to start them now and I've read up on it and were not starting them today. She then explained that the shots weren't a big deal and whatever and then she proceeded to tell me about 6 shots he would get the next appointment including the Hepatitis B shot. All I could think in my head is this Dr is rude and I want out of here right now.

At the 5 day appointment they stuck us in a room next to a baby boy getting cir-cum(sized) I purposely wrote it that way so that I wont get 67 comments about it. This baby screamed at the top of his lungs for twenty five minutes straight I vowed if we did decide to get it done it would not be done at this place. I said there the whole time holding my precious 5 day old baby crying my eyes out and almost puking and the sound of the pain the baby next door was in. What made me the most mad is both the parents sat in the waiting room leaving him there alone with the doctor. =(

The reason I am telling all of this is because I am switching Dr offices I don't feel like I mesh well with the Dr and she seems to have an attitude and I felt like I didn't know what was best for my son when talking with her.

I have also asked her twice to snip the small frenelum under his tongue so he can nurse properly. I had two lactation consultants in the hospital tell me he would nurse better and it wouldn't hurt as much if we had it snipped. I also had a lactation consultant to my house and she agreed that it needs to be snipped as well. When I pointed this out to the Dr she didn't even look in his mouth and told me that babies don't need it to be snipped to nurse or speak and its barbaric. I wanted to tell her no its not what I heard in the next room was barbaric. She also tried to push that on me as well.

Anyways by baby is healthy doing great. He sleeps constantly, wakes up to feed about every two hours sometimes he tries to eat hourly but mommy says no I'm not a pacifier. He sleeps about 3-4 hr stretches at night. He rarely ever cries only when he is hungry or not in the mood for a diaper change. Other then that he is super smiley all the time. He started tracking us with his eyes and making baby noises today.

I'll leave with some more pics of my adorable son.

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  1. WoW..not a great experience...My boys have a great Dr. he is a little old school..does everything himself..shots and all. I really really like him. He might be a lil far from you he is down next to Sutter Memorial... Dr. Ronald Lee 457-2525 his actual address is on F street its professional building across the street from SM. He does not dish out meds like crazy. Hope that you are able to find a Dr. who makes you feel comfortable and respects your wishes!!

    BTW..he is sooo beautiful!! 2 weeks I can hardly believe the time has flown by!!

  2. Good for standing up for what you believe in! My sister had this same problem with her doctor, with shots and the "altering" of the penis (she's decided not to). But her son's doc did not seem impressed with either of these ideas! Good luck in searching for a better baby doctor for Landon!

    And picture #2 is my FAVE! His eyes are stunning!

  3. If you do decide to circumsize, I highly recommend getting a rabbi to do it. And no, I'm not joking. Get one who does them frequently (and has a few hundred or more under his belt). When they do a Jewish bris they also give a cotton ball soaked with wine right after. There are no side effects from the tiny bit of wine they get except that it calms him down (and probably takes some of the pain away). No chance of the baby getting drunk. lol My son cried after he was snipped, but as soon as he got the cotton ball with wine he was a new man. The rabbi also gave us explicit instructions on how to care for it, so it turned out perfect. :-)

  4. The son of a friend of ours was "tongue-tied" and had the frenulum under the tongue snipped because he was having problems feeding. It was apparently very straightforward, and made a big difference to him. I just googled it, and it seems to be very common.

    If you've have two lactation consultants recommend it, I don't know why the doctor is so against it. It's bizarre that she would be against that, but be in favor of that other cutting operation, which is a much bigger deal.

  5. pictures are awesome!!! I cant believe he is already 2 weeks old, it seems like we wait forever for them to get here and then once they do time goes by so fast!

  6. I am very happy to know that you brought your whole baby home, but I am so sorry you had to listen to that baby cry :( I just wish one day circumcision will become illegal, such a barbaric practice. There is no way to do a gentler circumcision, no way around it :(

    Just wanted to remind you, wipe like a finger. Don't let any of those ignorant doctors to retract your baby (not even an tiny bit) because it will cause pain, harm and infections. In every check up appt. be prepare to slap a hand.

    Here I made a video for parents of intact boys: to you and your family, your baby is GORGEOUS!!! wow! Amazing pictures, that boy is so lucky to have parents like you! ♥

    When you get a chance, please watch these user's videos:


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