Thursday, May 7, 2009

Arrival to Postpartum

We rolled down the hallway till the very last room, room #123. That sounds lucky! When I saw the second bed i thought there crazy if they think I'm sliding over there. She asked if i could move my legs, Barely!! Don't worry we will use the hover mat to move you over. Sheesh thanks, because left to my own it would take me hours to get into that bed. i handed the baby off to the nurse to do a vital check while the moved to the new bed.

They plugged the bed into the outlet and hooked up the grey hose to the burgundy mat i was already on. The mat blew up like an air mattress for the pool. One inflated the slid me over the new bed and deflated it. Then they yanked it out from under me. Wallah, that wasn't so bad.

The nurse was looking at Landon and listening to his heart rate. She started shaking her head and said to another nurse, Were taking him. I said what, why? His heart rate is 71 and his coloring is not good. I remember thinking how pale he looked on the ride up here but since they already cleared as healthy I thought nothing of it. I quickly looked at my husband and said your to go with him and stay with him the whole time. The nurse said don't worry were going to monitor him and we will bring him back in an hour.

My poor lil babe. I was worried but I was so exhausted that I didn't have time to even think if something was wrong. The family started flooding into the room asking where the baby was and we had to explain. They went down to the window and watched him for awhile. The hour went bye and Landon had not been brought back yet. They explained about his heart rate being to low and they needed to check if there was a hole in his heart. She said if there is it usually closes a few days after birth. They ordered a EKG and Echocardiogram.

Ryan was getting really hungry and they came down and asked if he could go get something to eat. I didn't even think about that. Ryan's brother offered to stand at the window the whole time to keep an eye on him. I had already informed everyone that I didn't want him bathed. Babies are born born with vernix on there skin. This white creme can be rubbed into the skin just like a cold creme to moisturize the babies skin and theres no need to scrub it off. I wanted the both of us to give him his first bath if needed and if they wanted to do it while he was down there then Ryan was to do it.
Sure enough the family came and told me there bathing him down there. Ok not going to freak out as long as they don't give him a paci, bottle, sugar water or shots. I didn't like my baby being down there already where anyone can make choices that they didn't discuss with us. Then it dawned on me after he had been down there hours, that my babe was probably hungry and needed to breastfeed. I old all the nurses that no matter what they were not to feed him. I will drag my sore body down the hall to feed him if I have to.

After another half hour he was brought back to my side to eat and sent the pediatrician into talk to me. She said he has a low resting heart rate and not to worry about it. I breastfed him right away and was so relieved my baby was OK. We were still waiting on the results from the Echo but he is stable now s he can stay with me with room monitoring. My pediatrician would be bye in the morning to check on him and go over further details and the results in the morning.

Back in my arms where he belongs

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  1. I no its scary when they take your baby, so glad he is ok:)


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