Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The birth of our Boy

Ok so this posting may have to be updated several times as I want to record all the emotions and memories I had for this special day. Ryan finally woke up and I couldn't wait any longer, we gathered our thing and filled the trunk, placed the car seat in the car. I was so excited and kept saying I cant believe were on our way to have our son. It's only hours til we get to see him.

Last Baby bump shot before we leave the house.

I am so ready!!!

Once we arrived we checked in and filled out lots of paperwork while they started my IV and monitored me. Blood pressure was high but not in overly crazy. I was having several contractions on the monitor and was asked several times if I felt them. NOPE! Not even one. As I was completing the paperwork I realized I was filling out his birth certificate and applying for his social security card. WOW! I had butterflies and anxiety about the procedure. I was very excited about meeting my little man but my nerves started kicking in and felt a little scared about the upcoming procedure. I asked a million questions so I would know what was going on. We did no research on C-Sections as we weren't expecting to have one at all. The only thing I did look into was Breastfeeding after a C-Section and knew I needed to keep him with me so I would be able to bond skin to skin and nurse right away to make this possible.

We had arrived at the hospital at 5:30am and most of the family arrived by 7:00am. My Mom, Dad and brother arrived first and the Ryan's brother and girlfriend came with Ryan's Mom arriving shortly after. My grandparents also came but I wasn't able to see them before I went to surgery. I was laughing with them as I knew I wouldn't be able to do this the next time I saw them.

Ryan's Mom & I

Dr Cueto came in and visited me and asked how I was doing. I told him him I was very nervous. I was reassured that I wouldn't feel a thing and it would be very quick. He promised me a very small bikini incision. The anesthesiologist came in next and introduced himself. I have only had surgery once before in 1998 on my thumb after a motorcycle accident and he was my anesthesiologist then too. We asked if my Mom and my husband could both attend the delivery and he said it was fine. My mom and Ryan dressed in their scrubs and walked down the hallway with me. They had to wait outside while they brought me in a did the spinal block. Immediately when I entered the room it felt like a ice box and I began to shake. I had 3 warming blankets placed on me. I kept asking "when you do the spinal block" & "will someone hold onto me" knowing my husband would not be in there for this. Dr Cueto himself had me lean forward on him and held onto me. They used betadine to clean the area on my back. I arched my back so the needle would go in easily but was still shivering from the cold room. Right before he gave me the numbing shot I started panicking saying I was scared. When he pushed the needle into my back I started crying and saying owe,owe,owe. He said almost done now I'm going to give you the spinal block. ( I didn't know it was just a shot and nothing stays in your back) They instructed me to lay down immediately. The medicine worked fast and I began to feel tingly all over reminded me of when you brush your teeth with tingly mint toothpaste. They began to rub betadine on my stomach and I could still feel it. I started panicking and telling them I could feel it. Then they said I would feel everything it just won't be painful. That's where I began to completely lose it. I started breathing hard and went into total panic and started saying I change my mind, Don't cut me!! I don't want to do this. I can feel everything. By the time my husband came in I started to cry "I'm scared I don't want to do this EVER again. I changed my mind." He stroked my head and told me "we don't ever have to do it again if you don't want to. "

You can see the panic in my face.

Exactly 11 minutes later my sweet baby boy entered the world. It was unbelievable. We have a baby. He let out the smallest hoarse cry that was so quiet and was only for a few moments. I got to see him from a far as they cleaned him off took his apgars, weighed and measured him. I kept asking if he had red hair?(He doesnt, its dark brown and turns light golden brown in the light) But it sure looked like it, I said he didn't look like what I expected but I can't believe I'm a mommy. This is so surreal.

My husband cut the cord and went with him to be weighed. Wow!! I can't believe he weighs that much but he looks so teeny. 8 pounds, 8 ounces and 19 inches long. I am still in awe that he belongs to us. Its crazy! My first time meeting him and seeing him up-close. It just didn't feel real yet. It happened so fast. I think the best thing was watching my husband who was almost in tears. He just kept telling me it was amazing and we made him. I'm a Dad, and your'e a mom can you believe it! He told me over and over.

If you could see under his mask he is smiling ear to ear.

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  1. sniff...sniff...I'm all teary eyed!!! Landon is BEAUTIFUL!! You are going to be a GREAT!!! mom!!! Luv the pictures....

  2. Oh, that so brings back tons of sweet memories for me. I had a c-section as well. Sorry to hear that you were freaking out, but can you say now that it was ALL worth it? He is beautiful and I am so happy for you!!


  3. He is so beautiful!!! What a big boy compard to my little Ian :)


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