Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ewwwww What happened???

This actually happened to us last week but since I am late on posting pictures I am trying to catch up this week. Landon sleeps 3-4hrs at a time at night. He wakes up but if your sleeping really hard you would never hear him. He doesn't cry he makes the silliest grunting sounds. He doesn't ever open his eyes. Then he starts smacking his lips which is my cue to get up. I will grab him from the bassinet and if he isn't poopy I let my husband sleep while I nurse him for 10-15 minutes and then ask my husband to go changes his diaper, swaddles him and puts him back in the bassinet. That way neither of us is up more then 10-15 minutes. If he is poopy we do the opposite I hand him to the hubby right away and he changes and brings him back all fresh and I nurse after and then I swaddle and put him back in the bassinet. The very last feeding which is usually around 5:30am-6:30am I will let him stay in bed with us and he already Loves it. He will sleep till 10am if I let him.

well anyways last week I went to get him up around 6 something in the morning. I put him on to nurse and when I took him off to burp him I saw his eye. At first I laughed because I thought I had squirted breastmilk all over him sometime during the night and it had dried. Then I looked closer and it was yellow. Oh my goodness my poor babies eye is all glued shut. We called the pediatrician and they told us to come in that morning. She told me it was just a clogged tear duct and prescribed some erythamiacin for his eye and to put the goop in four times a day for a week. Yucky that he got a blocked tear duct as I opted not to have the goop put in his eyes at birth because that can cause a blocked duct but we managed to get one anyways. She said it could take a whole year to go away. That's crappy. So far though he only had one morning of bad goopies and then the next day it was mild and we haven't seen any goop since. He still doesn't cry tears yet when he is upset though but I heard that can take up to a couple of months.

Poor baby cant open his eyes but he's still smiling.

After a warm rag and some antibiotic in they eye he feels all better.
Aren't his cute lil baby legs cute on him. There still way to big but I had to try and see if they fit.

Today we go to the new peditrician to talk about cir-cum(cision) and his frenelum getting clipped. I'm scared but I don't know I'll post about it later. I'm very confused about what I want to do right now. I just wish it could be done without causing them pain and I hope they change it one day to be that option. I wish the doctors would become more educated on leaving them intact. I understand both sides and I'm split down the middle. It would easier if he was but theres no reason to cause him unecessary pain. Here I am talking about it and I said I would talk about it later.

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  1. Chesley had a blocked tear duct too and it looked just like that. One day of the eye drops and it was better. I did them for a full week though. He still has watery eyes sometimes. Hope it gets better soon. We did the circumcisn (sp?) and I know it hurt him, but by the time they brought him to me an hour later, he was fine. They said he didn't cry much. They numb it.

  2. Cameron had a blocked tear duct and they gave him medicine for it, but it would get better and then come back. He was more prone to pink eye which he got a few times and as he got closer to his 1 year appt. they had to go in with a small probe and open it up. I couldn't go into the room when they did that, but my husband was there. Hopefully Landon's will clear up soon.

    Take Care!!

  3. I have not been around in awhile and I wanted to say a big CONGRATS!! Landon is adorable and so sweet, great pics and I am glad things are going well.
    Crystal and Eva

  4. I was on the fence to about leaving my twins intact or not. I'm total one way or the other I only wanted to comment on the pain. Im sure it hurts some my boys cried. I think they cried mostly because they did not like being held down...most babies don't. :-0 BUT as soon as I picked them up and loved them a little they stopped crying right away! Whatever you decide it will be fine!

    I LOVE the baby legs!!!

  5. Remember, it's not just the pain of circumcision that is a problem. Complications, including bleeding, nursing strikes and more severe problems such as a too-tight circ or buried penis aren't as rare as doctors would lead you to believe. It can always be done, it can never be undone.


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