Monday, May 25, 2009

Eye Color

So people have been looking at my son and telling us Oh he looks just like Mariah. Thats kind of them but that is so untrue. I'm flattered that people are trying to be nice but my son is 100% my husband. We are holding out that he will have my eye color which is a blue/turquoise. When we say this to to people they immediately start looking at his eyes and say oh ya they are blue. They were blue/grey at birth but have turned slightly more blue in the past week(not much) or I am just imagining that they are turning more blue in hopes he gets one of my features. I am getting mixed reviews on the age that they turn there definite color. I have heard by 3 weeks then it was by 12 months and now I am hearing all the way up to 3 yrs old. That is so far away.

When did your babies eyes turn their permanent color??

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  1. I had blue eyes until I was 5. My parents thought I was going to be a blue-eyed blonde, but I turned into a green-eyed sort of blonde but not really!

  2. My first son was born with brown eyes, so the saying all babys are born blue or gray is false his were never blue or grey.
    Ian however was born with grey eyes that are getting bluer everyday. Me and the Hubs both have brown so I cant imagine them staying blue. But I wonder the same thing myself!

  3. I have no idea when they reach their final color. I'm pretty sure both of my babies will have brown eyes, though...

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