Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hospital Visitors

So By the time Landon returned from his little nursery stay there was about 15 visitors parading into my room at once. I was on high from being a brand new mom or from pure exhaustion due to lack of sleep. I had about 7 hrs of sleep combined the last two days. I was so overwhelmed. I wanted to remember all of the people who have visited Landon though. It was so great to see everyone so excited about our son but because we had visitors at all times I never went to sleep more then an hour at a time and probably got another 6-8 hrs of sleep over the four days I was there. Landon you are one special little guy that Mommy didn't care about sleep as she wanted to see/watch everything you did and never sent you to the nursery although I thought about it several time the last night I was there and you wouldn't sleep and Mommy was going delirious lucky Traci was there to bounce you all night long and help Mommy with breastfeeding.

We had so many wonderful nurses day and night who helped generously with Landon. Encouraging me to be and out of bed so soon and helping me with breastfeeding. I appreciate all of you.
The following are all of the visitors that came to the hospital to visit Landon in no particular order. I just wanted to keep record of everyone.
Ryans Mom now known as Nana

This is my Doula Erika which I unfortunately did not get to use.

Ryans friend Nick

Ryans friend Travis

My friend Katie (Travis wife)

My friend Darvi

My brother Joe and Dad

My grandparents are now Great-Grandparents

My aunt Nadine and Uncle Dennis (Not pictured)

The Dorn Boys
I thought this was a cool picture
Ryans Dad, Ryand brother and Ryan
See his cool Proud Dad shirt
Ryand brother and girlfriend (Not pictured)
Although I know we have one
Will post when i find it
Ryans Dad now known as Pops
My Dad and Mom
Finally my Mom got to hold him she was working at the hospital that day
and didn't want to get hospital germs on him.
My very old friend Brett came to visit with his son
My friend Traci and my God-daughter Kylee
visiting her new God-brother
One of my Daycare Moms Jenny

So Landon what did you think of all of your visitors?
There were 21 visitors to be exact.
I know you're exhausted, but you seemed to like all the attention

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