Thursday, May 28, 2009

One Month

Your One Month old Today!! Happy Birthday Day lil one. Here are the things we know about you already.

* You prefer Momma to soothe you when upset

* You prefer to be held especially upright on someones chest

* You prefer to sleep/lay on your tummy
* You can roll your head from side to side and can hold it up for at least 10 seconds

* You like your back and butt patted

* You like your bouncer chair but hate your swing

* You love for people to talk to you
* You laugh hilariously when you sleep

* You grunt continuously demanding to be fed

* You love the boob

* You still sleep all day and all night

* You love sleeping in Mommy & Daddies Bed

* You love staring at anything that is black

* You have an amazingly strong neck

* You love riding in the car but start grunting if we stop at the light

* You have started making small baby sounds and coos

* You love your pacifier but you get really mad when it falls out of your mouth

* You get the hiccups a few times a day every day

* You do not like your feet or your head touched and don't care for kisses yet
* You just discovered the mirror and think that you are hilarious in it

You are becoming a very good eater and no longer fall asleep while eating. Mommy calls you a little piranha because you attack the boob and then make little piggie smacking noises as you eat. You somehow seem to wake up to be fed exactly every two hours on the dot. Your timing is impeccable as you always need to eat when its dinner time and momma has to wait to eat her food. At the moment you are only eating on one side with each feeding. We have adapted well and have already nursed in public several times including Nordstroms Nursing room, in the middle of Sears, on the bleachers at daddies soccer game, at Ruby Tuesdays Restaurant and even in BabyGaps bathroom.

We are enjoying cloth diaper you and mommy thinks you are so cute in them. Daddy is actually enjoying cloth diapering to and changes the majority of diapers. I know you have grown around the middle as some of the diapers are becoming snug on you. You still have not grown out of any clothes we have for you despite you looking so huge, you are surprisingly small. At your 3 week check up you weighed 9 pounds 2.5 ounces.

You are spoiled like crazy and have visitors at least every other day to come hold you. Mommy just realized what a blessing this is and has learned to use this time wisely for showers, eating and naps. You love listening to people talk and study their faces by staring and scrunching your eyebrows. You purse you lips and push them out when you are content. You have already had your first haircut and after sleeping your hair will curl at the ends like daddies did when he was little. Your eyes are still blue and we are keeping our fingers crossed that you have mommies blue eyes.

I am sad to see you grow as I will one day lose my baby boy but I am eager to have you grow so we can interact with you more and see your personality.

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  1. happy 1 month birthday little man!

  2. Happy 1 Month Landon!! Great pictures...I love them and he looks too cute in the basket!

  3. Landon is so adroable and so sweet. Happy 1 month birthday sweetheart.
    Crystal and Eva


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