Friday, May 29, 2009

Provider Awards Appreciation Dinner

Haha Excuse me why I thought my son is one month old I have no clue. He was born on Wednesday and I just assumed it was Wednesday four weeks later so that would make him a month old. He will be a month though on Friday the 29th.

Anyways I brought my son downstairs to meet the daycare children. only about half of them were there by the time I got down stairs. They were so excited to meet them that I had to keep them back so they wouldn't smother him. Landon just stared around at everything and didn't make a peep. He mostly enjoyed bending his neck backwards to stare at me while I talked to everyone. Just like he is in this picture.

Last night I attended a Provider Appreciation Night with a few hundred other providers. I even ran into some other providers I know. Just as the awards were being handed out someone woke up and quietly demanded to nurse. I tried nursing at the table with my Bebe Au Lait nursing cover (which by the way is super hot and stuffy) I kept putting him on but he kept pulling off every ten seconds so after a few minutes I walked out and nursed him in the lobby of Sac State University (Landon mark that down of unusual places I have nursed you, College -check)

Many awards were given out to providers for their dedication and hard work for the past year. Making a commitment to making a difference in childrens education in Family Childcares. Where were we why the awards were being handed out?

Here we are out in the lobby, at least we could still here what was going on.

I did receive this appreciation award. Here I am with my Preschool bridging program model teacher. It has been a joy to get to know her over the past year as she has helped me improve my business by helping me incorporate more Math and Language Activities into my preschool.

When we got home someone was so tired they passed out on daddies chest and was done for the evening. It was nice my husband was able to attend with me and meet someone other crazy women that are just like me who are nuts about educating/raising children. It takes some serious dedication to let 12 children come inside your house each day making sure they are happy, healthy, and learning. Of course theres all the small things like keeping parents happy, providing organic healthy meals, and educational field trips but I love my job and wouldn't trade it for the world. I almost miss them so bad that I want to come back to work but I know just how important our time is with Landon right now. Sad I only get 6 weeks with him but I get to take him to work with me while he is young and maybe go with the grandmas when he is older.

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