Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Splish Splash Landon's First Bath

Being overtired coming home from the hospital and recovering from my C-section. I slacked and didn't give Landon a bath for super long. He didn't smell bad and we clean him very well with cloth wipes and wipes solution so I saw no rush in it. Ryan and I wanted him to love water so we did want to make make it wasn't stressful to him. One evening we got all the supplies out. Loaded the tub up with water and scrub-a-dub dub.

Hes not sure what to think of it at first. I've given a ton of kids a bath over the years but never one this small. I do have to say his frog cover up is to blame for the happy bath. I picked this up at Kohl's for like $6.00. You don't have to have one of these you can cut a receiving blanket in half and lay over the baby. It keeps them warm so they don't cry.

Yeah, We loved bathtime. Thank Goodness he loves water and remained silent the whole time throwing out smiles left and right. He didn't even care when we dumped the water over his head. We avoided his ears because I'm not sure if your supposed to get those wet yet. I just seriously can not get over the fact he loves to smile and I could care less what anybody says. Most of them are purposeful when were talking to him. He first smiled at 3 days old maybe 3-4 times that day and then has just smiled daily but now its constant. I do think its funny how he can go from a smiley face to grumpy old man look in 2 seconds.

I debated over getting the white primo tub or getting those new European buckets to bathe baby in where they are submerged and it mimics the womb. Then I saw this pillow and loved it. Its got the bean bag type of pellets inside and its sunken in the middle swaddling them. It has a bar in the back to elevate their head and it hangs to dry out between baths. The best part is baby seem to love it.

All swaddled up in his hoodie towel. Hubby dried him up very good making sure he got all of his wrinkles dried up before we got him dressed.

We passed him to grandma to get in some cuddles after his bath. By the way I love Mustela baby wash it smells so good. Anyone have any ways to help baby acne everyday he wakes up he is a little more and more. Last night I remembered to put brestmilk on his cheeks and it seemed to clear him up but I can see he is still getting more. I know theres no way to completely get rid of it that is him dealing with the hormones of pregnancy.

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  1. awww he looks happy in his first bath, Ian screamed his head off lol!

  2. swEEt!! I'm loving the pictures and that smile! :-)

  3. Kelly at this blog address had a good solution for clearing up her baby's acne. But I can't remember what it is...or which post. But I know it was recently!! You might check there!

  4. Looks like he LOVED his bath. He is so cute and I am so happy that you all are enjoying him. Aren't babies fun? Oh and it gets better and better so enjoy the ride.


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