Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I am really really tired of the No Circ people writing hateful things on my blog. Leave me and my son alone. I made a personal decision for my son, Not yours. No my son is not going to grow up and cry over his penis, he is not going to hate me for it. He will 100% not grow up and commit crimes because he was circumcised. To the rude/crazy/delusional (fill in the blank with any other words I cant say here) person who left me the comment that my son will grow up and commit suicide because he is circumcised. I pray for you. Seriously you must need it if you allowed your brain to think such a hateful thought and then it allowed you to type those words and submit it as a response on a brand new mothers blog. Lucky my husband caught it first. Since he is circumcised himself and certainly survived the suicide attempt he was destined to in life the only thing he learned from this experience is that this why the word hate was invented. People that could tell a new mom such horrible things. Tell you the truth it was all the crazy people who left prior comments on our blog that pushed us to not be like you and circumcise our son.

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  1. You know, I think Orthodox Jews have one of the lowest rates of suicide in the world and every single male is circumcised. Go figure... :-)

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  4. oops. Changed my mind about commenting because I realized that it was linking to my blog and yeah, not interested in that either!

    Sorry you are experiencing what you are experiencing. :(

    Remember, they are hiding behind computer screens. You are a great mother, either route you chose. :) Love your blog!

  5. We all have our own rights to circumcize or not to circumcize our boys. I chose to curcumcize my son, but I don't think anything differently of you for not doing that with your son. I would hope you don't think differently of me either. We are both GREAT mother's and I would never speak harshly of anything you do. Sorry to hear that someone is speaking so rudely to you about your choices that you chose for your son. Just remember that in the long run...what you chose was what you wanted for Landon and he could very well thank you in the long run. Keep your chin up girl. I am proud of you for speaking up...afterall, you are speaking up for your son too!



  6. its ok to have an opinion..but Geez why do people have to be so full of hate??? Its a personal choice. On to better things...You are a great mom..your blog is full of love for Landon!! Don't let the negative peeps get to you..keep up the great work...

  7. Hi there!
    I think you have gotten a troll in your blog, I don't think is fair to speak for everyone who gave you support. It's only fair if you also publicize those too.
    God Bless.

  8. Omg girl people are crazy! You are doing what you feel is best for your son! dont let what others say stop you from being open with your feelings and opinions:)

  9. Yeah! You are an amazing mom and should be so proud of your decision as it's best for your son! I hop over from another blog to read and I think your doing an amazing job as a mom and you are right, your son isn't going to be in theropy some day droning "man, my mom MADE me get circumsized when I was born and I will NEVER forgive her for it." Really, people are so small minded. We have a girl, my husband's oldest is a boy and I asked him about this topic and he totally agreed with you and his son is now 16 and have NEVER even brought it up!

    Thank you for being strong and standing up for yourself! Your a great women, wife and MOM!

    Keep it up!

    We love you!

  10. I love reading your blog! It stinks that people can be so hurtful and thoughtless in their comments. You're doing a great job with your son -- keep a smile on! :o) God bless.


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