Friday, June 5, 2009

Eventful Friday

Landon took his first nap in his crib yesterday. I know I know he is on his tummy. Its the only way he will sleep on his own. At night he sleeps on his back because I use the swaddle blanket so he stays asleep. During the day if I am not holding him I let him sleep on his tummy using the Angelcare monitor that will let me know if he stops breathing.

Enough of that he stayed in his crib about 2 hours before I had to wake him to take him to Home Depot. We just had my walk in closet hardwood floored because our naughty yorkie thinks its an OK place to tinkle in the corners when I'm not looking. Now she will just have to use her pee pee pad in our bathroom Yipee! Anyways we ripped out the wire racks that my clothes once hung in and will add in a wood closet system either that we design ourselves or I have one of those closet organizing companies come out and design. We are looking at paint to add some color in there. I want to add a rug and an ottoman and make it look like one of those closets on MTV Cribs without all the space they have, or the designer clothes, or the lounge chair OK it will look nothing like their closets but its wishful thinking. I should ask Kelly to do a Show us wear you live -Closet blog HA! Oh I wish I would have taken a picture before we started it would be amazing I always forget to do that. I need some major shoe storage in there so I need to figure how I can cram all of them in there and still look decent. I just hope my pregnancy feet go back to normal and I get to wear nice shoes again. The swelling in my fingers is almost back to normal yet I still cant slide my wedding ring over my knuckle. I can not wait to wear t again. I had to take it off back during Thanksgiving break as I didn't want to get it stuck on my finger and have to get it sawed off my finger.

Yesterday I finally got my hair done. I wanted something simple that I wouldn't have to keep going in to get touched up or in my case not going in and letting 2-3 inches of roots grow out because I have no time. Its so different I'm not quite sure if l love it yet. Its going to take some getting to used to. What do you think of my new dark doo?

Landon is growing so much that I had to put some of his newborn jammies away and bust out some 3-6 month jammies. My husband does most of the laundry so I blamed him and said you must be shrinking all of his clothes because he certainly is not growing this fast. It probably also doesnt help that he has a big fat cloth diaper butt. He weighed 11 pounds this morning I am hoping our scale is broken. Will double check on his weight at our Dr appt at the end of the month where he will get his first shots. When I was going through his drawer I found these jammies and they are by far my favorite. I want to go out and buy 20 pairs of these new big boy jammies. They were gifted to us but the tag is from Old Navy so I just have to buy his some more when he outgrows the ones he has now.

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  1. we are going to be making the crib transition pretty soon, we use a baby sense monitor. Poops had it on his bed till he was 2 lol!
    You look great BTW!!!

  2. also was going to tell you how thin you look in this pic! But my iphone wouldn't let me do it and I am only now remembering!

    :) THIN MOMMA!


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