Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day

Ok I have been so busy I haven't had time to update about our busy lives. I promise I will at least sneak in a few pictures here and there. I'm now back at work, hubby is back at work and I feel like a human pacifier. I wouldn't trade it for a minute. Here's how our fathers day went.

This morning when I got up my husband got baby ready and picked out his clothes. He came in all proud and showed me. He was smiling so big. I just looked at him and was wondering if he was serious. In deed I decided to go on the serious note and said "Oh thank you" that was nice of you. I snapped a picture so I could show you. My husband grabbed a striped onesie and plaid overalls. He could tell I was thinking something. So I asked him why he thought he stripes and plaid went together. He said hes a baby kids are allowed to dress funky. "OH" I said.

Here he least the browns match.

Ok so this being Ryans first fathers day and putting up with my quality shopping as I call it, Ryan has been really frugal over the past few years. I wanted to get him something he really really wanted. He really wants a street bike but we are not getting one of those right now. He has been wanting a new set of golf clubs for I would say four years now. Each time he has mentioned it the last year I said oh maybe for Fathers Day. So saying that all year long he knew he was getting a set. I couldn't just get it like that I love a good surprise. I took him down to the Golf shop and told him due to both of being out of work the last 7 weeks and increased costs of having a second employee that we just cant afford to get him the clubs but we would go ahead and buy him a golf bag from Landon this year and maybe Christmas time when we have some more money we'll get the clubs. I had him try out the clubs he has been talking about anyways so I could know for sure those were the one he wanted. Little did he know I had called ahead and talked to the guy on the phone and told him that to hide a set in the back and to slide my card twice and I'll come back for the clubs that he likes.

Now I just have to figure out how to surprise him. Then I thought of it. I will ask him to go get something for me out of the trunk and the clubs will be inside the bag and he will see it. So I send him out to the car to get my Dad and Grandpas gift and he comes back in with the gifts and he says nothing. Crap! Wait I have another idea. You forgot the other gift I bought my Dad in the trunk. This time he comes in with a smile and says, "damn your good" and asks how I managed to pull that one off.

Daddy very proud of his new clubs but even more proud of his new baby. I had to include a picture of our furbaby on fathers day. Since I had the baby she isn't really my dog anymore. She just loves my husband and follows him everywhere. She is very shaggy right now because I am growing her hair out. She now sports a ponytail but am not able to get her bangs in the pony yet. Unfortunately she had another seizure last week and we took her in to the vet this time. Its been 4 since Landon has been born and we really need to figure out what to do.

Look at how blue Landons eyes are getting? People are saying more and more that he is starting to look like me. I'm excited but also miss that he doesn't look like a copy of my husband anymore because he was such a cute baby and toddler and would love for Landon to look like him at that age. His hair is starting to curl on the edges but I guess we will never find out if it will since I will always keep it short. He already had his 1st haircut at 2 weeks old. Whoever he looks like I think he is simply adornable.

Daddy, Baby and Pops on Fathers Day. Landon way past his bedtime and was not thrilled about being taken out of his car seat for pictures.

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