Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fun filled Weekend

we had an Action packed weekend. Landon I think enjoys getting out of the house and moving. Saturday morning he had his first trip to the movies. We saw Star Trek. Daddies choice of course! I didn't really want to go as I thought it would be boring, but it really wasn't. I actually had some funny parts. We went and ate at Quiznos across the street and then met up with Ryan's brother and girlfriend. I planned to breastfeed Landon right when the movie was to start and knew he would sleep for a good portion.
Little did i know he would eat and then sleep the entire time. He did so good, I covered his ears the whole time because I was worried it might be to loud for his little ears. I think he was fine since he didn't startle even once. He even slept while I put him in his carseat.

We went to a friend (Traci) surprise 30th birthday party. Her husband set up everything and then took her out for a massage while everyone gathered at their house. He was able to pull it off and she had no idea. I think that is so sweet and better then any gift you could receive. Keith and Traci were the other couple we had the baby shower with. We found out Keith (her hubby) hey are wine drinkers and offered hubby and I a glass. I told him how I wish I was a wine drinker and I try hard but I just don't like the taste. We visit Napa often and I taste everything but the only thing I love is champagne and dessert wines. He made me a wine spritzer and I have to say I loved it. I only had one since I'm breastfeeding and I haven't had anything to drink in over a year besides the glass of Cristal Champagne my mother in law toasted with when we brought Landon for his first visit.
The week before Landon saw Anthony but he was cranky because it was time to feed. It will be pretty neat when Landon starts noticing oter babies.
This time Landon got to roll around on the floor with Keith and Traci's baby. This is Anthony he is 3 months old and only a pound heavier then Landon. He is a lot longer and can hold his head much better the Landon but gotta give it to my litte guy he sure was trying.

They were so stinking cute!

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