Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hold your breath

Now when I say I have a good baby that never cries I really do mean it. The very few times that he has cried he cries so hard he turn bright red sweats profusely and holds his breath, that even when you pick him up he is still holding it. Its kinda scary to watch as you don't know if he will decide to let it go or keep holding it till he passes out.

We never let him cry but this has happened in the four times when we weren't able to pick hi up right away. Once he went to the chiropractor with me and when we drove home he started and I couldn't pullover to pick him up right away eventually I could and the "fit" stopped. The second time I thought I could jump in the shower very quickly but Landon must have known, the third was in the car in our garage. We were getting ready to leave and my husband put sleeping baby in the car and told me he had to run back inside I was standing right outside the car packing things to put in the car when I walked by and saw that he was bright red holding his breath because he had been screaming. We just bought a Acura Tl a few months ago and apparently it is sound proof I didn't hear him and I was standing right there. The fourth and last time he was with my husband in the car. He had to pull over and hold him till he fell asleep in his arms and put him back into the carseat.

I know older babies/toddler will hold their breath for attention but landon is to young for that behavior. I called the doctor today after the incident last night and he said he will check him over at the next appointment and if he holds it for a minute to call 911. Right now its about 20-30 seconds. I really hope it never happens again. The other things that is freaky is his feet will turn purple/blue sometimes 2-3 times a day for no reason. I keep forgetting to take a picture but I will when it happens tomorrow if I have the time. I have a dentist appt and a hair appt to get my 2 inch outgrown roots fixed. I think I will go for a light brown/blonde so i do not have to keep highlighting my hair. I just don't have time being a mom of a newborn.

Ok well I just got Landon to go from this, to this. I better jump in the shower since I look like I have been in bed for 4 days with spit up down my back, dark circles under my eyes and and a rats nest for hair.

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  1. First of all you are so lucky to have such a layed back baby I am Jealous, Iancies all the time (second born).
    That would scare me if my baby held his breath like that, I really hope he doesnt do it again!

  2. He is so cute!! I love his little outfit and that smile is simply precious.

  3. What a smiley guy!!! Such a cute outfit!!


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