Friday, June 19, 2009

Over the /\ /\'s grandmothers house we go

Landon loves to be on the go. In the car, shopping, in the car or walking around. Not to fond of the stroller yet. The above photo is at my in-laws house where we go for our weekly Sunday dinners. I never really have to hold Landon since there is so many people there fighting to hold him. I'm sure that will stop when he gets older though. Grandpa or Pops as Landon will call him loves him a million pieces. Before Ryan and I return to work we visited Pops at his office and went to lunch with him.

We also went and visited my mom this week at her house. Landon had never been up to grandmas house before. She was excited that she finally got to open up her pack n' play. On the way I picked up my God-daughter, and my grandma and Grandpa. They are Landons Great-Grandma and Grandpa which he will call Gamma and Gampa. My mom lives kinda far about 45 minute drive and Landon still holds his breath in the car if he gets upset so I had to bring some people to help. =) When we got there Grandpa BBQ'd some delicious dinner. After we ate we went and visited the horses we have two Tennessee Walkers named Harley and Smidge.

This is Harley, he was very curious about Landon but was slightly spooked by his movements.

When we pulled up the barn. I walked around the car and opened the door to unbuckle Landons car seat and to my surprise he wasn't in it anymore. My 8 yr old God-daughter unbuckled him and picked him up. This gave me a heart attack as I have her seen her hold a baby and she had just met Landon once before in the hospital.

She was very confident and knew exactly how to hold him that I didn't mind and it was actually quite cute.

Grandma talking to him and he was just amazed at her glasses.
Gamma and Gampa (love this photo)

After we came back from visiting the horses,Landon got really fussy so I rocked him for a little bit and he passed out. I tried to put him down but he had a hold of my shirt so hard that he was hanging from it. Grandpa had root beer floats for us so I had to put him down and I figured he could try Grandmas new pack and play.

Is this not the cutest ever on the way home Kylee had to use the binky to soothe Landon and she passed out completely. When I pulled in the garage I found he wiped out hand still on the binky and Landon wide awake staring around. (Reminds me of a brand new mom exhausted with her newborn baby)

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  1. LUVd the pictures!! The one of your God-daughter wiped out w/her hand on Landon's pacifier was my fav!! :-)


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