Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random cuteness, Graduation and Recital

Landon is becoming quite a ham. He is always giggling and has this adorable belly laugh that I can not get enough of. He says "ah-goo" and even Hi. Nobody believes me when I say it then they hear him and say he just said Hi. Of course I tell them. I say Hi to him a million times a day and he is mimicking me. My mom bought this adorable onesie with the tie on it, it make him look charming. I am enjoying him so much and think God has blessed me with the most beautiful amazing little boy. I cant wait for him to grow and talk,for now I am enjoying all of his cute tiny~ness.

Friday night we had Preschool Graduation in my backyard. Four awesome little boys graduated from my preschool. Two of them will stay with me next year and two will move on. Super sad to have any child leave your care. I have met so many wonderful families that I know will remain close. I love to keep in touch and hear updates to see how well their doing now.

The four guys in red are the ones who graduated. The ones in yellow are some of the kids who are moving up one year.

After graduation we hurried up and cleaned up the backyard. (Thanks Jenny for all the help) We rushed out the door to my God-daughters Ballet/tap recital. She has stage make-up on for her performance, but doesn't she look beautiful. I'm scared when she gets in high school. I may just have to insist on driving her to school and then get out in my pajamas and bead head and then chase after telling her she forgot her lunch in all hopes that I embarrass her. LOL Anyways it was a great performance and a great highlight was Dominic Sandoval "D-Trix" from So you think you can Dance used to dance at her studio so he comes back each year and performance at the recital. It was a spectacular show with songs done to Daft Punk with glowing black lights and very cool set they set up this year.
Even Landon cheered for Kylee. I figured Landon would do fine since he has been to the movies to see Star Trek and Hangover already which is a hella funny movie by the way. The funniest movie I ever saw. Anyways I figured he would be fine but the music was so loud and the microphone made that screeching sound a few times and a guy behind us kept yelling so Landon would fall asleep and then jump every time something loud happened and he would wake up and cry. Poor baby I had no idea. I ended up cupping my hands over his ears the whole time till he fell asleep all the way.

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  1. Oh - Landon is such a cutie and he looks like such a happy baby!! Definitely a little ham. I bet you just sit around and watch him and kiss him all day long. Nothing better then just Mommy and baby time - ya know?


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