Thursday, July 2, 2009

1st Swim

*This part was the weekend before*

It has been so Hot like unbearable hot. I think they said 106!!!!!!! This is just to hot to have a little baby stuck to your chest or at the breast. We had a very fun weekend at a 4 yr old birthday party. All she asked me was to be able to hold my sweet son. See she comes to my daycare but I don't let the kids hold him at school yet because I don't want him to be exposed to many germs before he does receive his shots.

Decked out in a cowprint GoodMama Diaper because it is just to darn Hot in Cali. He has his monkey Wubanub that he doesn't go anywhere without. He also has a puppy one. If his paci falls out he tries to put it back in . Unsuccessfully that is but at least he holds on the monkey so it doesn't fall to the floor and get dirty.

Landon if this is your future I'm scared. heheh j/k He was liking the attention from these two little girls. He loves watching older kids zoom bye him, he will giggle out loud and smile immensely at them. I want him to stay little but cant wait until I can do more things with him.

Here is the special birthday girl who is completely happy to be with him. She is so proud to hold him. She always wants to touch him at daycare and I don't let her so this is a special treat.

Finally after trying on swimtrunks for the first time Landon enters the water with daddy. Just the feet at first. Ok no tears. How about putting him in a little further Daddy.

Thats better. You may think he is staring at the camera but his eyes are on daddies silver beer can on the side of the pool he thought that was very interesting. Lets try laying him in the water.

Ok were ready. Go for it Daddy. There it is one unhappy baby I think we pushed our luck. It may be to cold for baby to experience pool water. We'll have to try out Nanas spa tomorrow where we can set the temp to bath water.

After his ten minutes in the pool he passed out and took an hour nap in my lap. No diaper but I wasnt worried since Landon can go 10hrs at night and not wet his dipe.

My sleeping Angel with his content look. He purses his lips when he is happy. So sweet I could just eat him up.

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  1. He looks too cute in his swimming trunks and he looks like he enjoyed the water for awhile which is good!! He is getting so big and you look FABULOUS Momma : )


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