Thursday, July 9, 2009

Caught Up

Oh thank heavens baby boy slept 5 straight hours last night. Maybe we are going to get back on schedule. I am finding out he is waking up for something to suck on not because he is hungry. Quick paci in the mouth and hes back out for a few hours. Thats awesome. I also found out that I can put him in his pack n play during the day for naps if I swaddle him and he will take a 3-4 hr nap. Without the swaddle I get maybe 20 minutes.

I am getting to fly with a newborn babe so I went out and bought a special bag to put his carseat in when we check it. I didnt want it damaged or dirty. I know I will need to breastfeed upon take off and upon landing. Hopefully he will be great for the 3hour plane flight. I fear being the woman with the screaming kid and everyone pointing at me as I exit the plane. I think he will do fine especially since he loves to be held and there are 5 of us flying together so we can pass him around. Its the 3 hour car ride that I fear for after we land in Minnesota. He doesn't do so well sitting in his carseat for long periods of time. I am still not able to travel alone with him as he hold his breath and turns red as a tomato.

I am listening to my sweet boy lay in his bed talking to his mobile and laughing right now. Its the sweetest sound. Hes 10 weeks old now and I keep asking everyone when will he feel like hes mine. I just feel its to good to be true. I wanted him, prayed for him and shed millions of tears thinking I would never be a mother. Ryan and I becoming parents is the hardest thing to grasp. I feel like I'm asleep in a dream and I will have to give him back somehow. I know its ridiculous but I love this little boy so much and I am honored God chose me to be his mommy. What a lucky little boy he is as well. I have some many plans, goals and ambitions for him. I really thought I would be some sort of time natzie (pretty sure I butchered that spelling)when he was born sticking to a straight schedule. Im probably the opposite I let him nap when he is tired stay up late if hes not.

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  1. I learned quickly with the 2nd that swaddling does the trick! Oh and same with those Paci's!!
    Glad you were able to catch up on some much needed sleep. He is just precious. Have a nice trip!


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