Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cuddle Up.....Go to sleep

Sorry I haven't posted in a week but I am soo soo soo sleep deprived. Landon has decided he owns me and controls how much sleep I can acquire at any one time and right now he is going on only letting me have 2 hrs at a time and then cutting me off fully at 5:30am. I think I am walking around half alive right now. I even wonder how I am able to function. Mr Sandman is in full strength my eyes are rolling up inside my head but each time I think I am able to give in my little man begs for me to hold him, cuddle him or exchange "ahhhhh goos" with him.

Just a teaser Landon rolled over on his own last Friday and started batting at toys hung overhead today. Yes I have pics and will post very soon when I get caught up. We leave for vacation soon so I am washing clothes and packing, cleaning the house, and getting ready to travel with a baby.

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