Monday, July 27, 2009

Great Aunt Mack

When we were backin Minnesota we stopped by a very special persons house. This past year we lost my husbands grandfather. I was so hoping my future child would have been able to meet him but we werent even pregnant yet when he passed. This is Maxine his sister. Shes 82 and just as sweet as can be. She loved holding and playing with Landon. This is the best part of having a kid is sharing him with others. It just warms my heart to see family and friends just be delighted at the sight of my son. Landon doesnt mind all the attention either.

Since discovering that landon has the funniest belly laugh on this trip we decided to see if he would do it. He is ticklish on his collarbones and his ribs so far. We have it on the video camera and if I can figure out how to get it on the computer (which shouldnt be to hard) I will share it with you. We are debating if we should send it into americas funniest home videos it is that funny. He is 11 weeks old in the video and just belly laughing so hard you cant help but join in.

This picture was taken by my husband and its his new favorite. He looks so much like a big boy and is flirting with the camera. I swear I want to send it in to a cute baby contest. Im his mom so Im a littlebiased but I swear he would win. He looks so grown not like a little itty bitty 11 week old. After a week of getting to snuggle with him I am just getting the point that I am comfortable being a mom and can relax and enjoy it. I dont have to worry (as much) and I know what Im doing.

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