Friday, July 10, 2009

Off we go....

Just a quick little post before we head off to Minnesota for a whole week of fun at the cabin on the lake. Landon's frst time meeting daddies side of the family. Its a Dorn Venture. Im kinda nervous to take baby as we had a scare today he had a fever 4th of July and I took him Monday morning. Dr said as long as he is eating, peeing and isn't fussy to just do tylenol. As per recommendation of Dr we dosed Tylenol I think twice. I didnt want to give him meds if he seemed so comfortable. He has felt warm over the past week but then again babies are slightly warmer then us. Today he just felt really warm so I checked his temp and it was 100.3 What??

Im totally puzzled did he have a temp the last few days and I was ignoring it? I dont know I hope not. I called the Doc as this has been a fever for a whole week now. Dr called back and wanted Landon to have bloodwork done right away and over for a chest x-ray at the imagging center. All of this was told to me at 4pm and they close at 5pm. I called back to talk to nurses to tell them its completely impossible for me to do this as I still have daycare kids that wont pick up till 5:30pm and I could never make it to that place by then. I found out te lab was open till 7pm so I rushed there got bloodwork done in which Landon did marvelous he cried like a half a second and then started smiling. Hes such a sweet boy. We went over to the hospital to the imaging dept. I was worried about him being alone for the chest X-ray and the radiation. We registered at the hospital and then went to imaging. They couldn't find the Dr's orders for the scan so I just went home. I only have 3-4 hrs to pack for Minnesota, eat dinner and give Landon a bath and move all the furniture back to its original place as we had the carpets cleaned today while we were at the pool.

Anyways I really hope my little man is okay. I just talked to the Dr at 10pm tonight and he said if we run into any trouble with Landon to take to an urgent care facility. My gut tells me his fine but theres always the what ifs and I think I read to many peoples blogs and I panic a little. Now I need to go make a copy of my keys for our house sitter and my dog walker while we are away and run to the store for eeeek disposable diapers. I should have posted sooner to get everyone opinion on what diapers works best and dont leak. I have no clue I cloth diapered for like a week when Landon was a newbie and we had to count pee and poo diapers. I will probably be up till 2am tonight and have a flight at 6:30am. Crap I forgot about my shower gotta run. Mommy is always the last one I think of.

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