Sunday, August 2, 2009

3 month old little model

Ok here it is. Landons 3 month old professional pics. We decided outdoor would be best so we met up with our photographer at the park behind the Fair Oaks Library. It was early so it was a little chilly outside. The prior night Landon didn't sleep well and woke up every 2 hrs to nurse. He awoke finally at 7am and after playing with daddy on floortime I put him in his jumperoo where he bounced and bounced. He is always exhausted after staring at the lights and using his legs. I dressed him and put him in his seat. The entire car ride he was fighting the sleep and finally fell asleep 5 minutes before we arrived at the park. I was thinking oh crap this is going to be a bad photo session. As soon as he saw Sandy and her furry blanket he lighted up and began giggling. When I saw this photo I was just so amazed at her photography skills.

You cant have a session without some nakid photos. He loves to be nakid and giggles when you take his clothes off. He liked it so much he couldnt help but pee on her blanket.

Ok I have always said there are never any photos with me and the baby because I'm always so busy taking care of him or taking pics of him and other people. I was so happy she could capture this photo of the two of us.

So I have been staring at this photo for quite sometime now. I keep saying to myself who does he look like. I have come to the conclusion he is a perfect blend of the two of us.

Heres a more serious pose as he began to tire after awhile, plus it was freezing in the shade with the breeze.

This is daddies favorite pose. He loves to sit up so we tried propping him for a lot of the photos. He was banging his feet and pushing off the inside of the bucket.

He also loves to stand up so we did some photos like that also. I love blurry backgrounds and I think she captured our family so well.

Happy 3 months little guy.
Mommy and daddy couldn't be more proud of you!

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  1. Those are adorable! The photographer did do a great job but I'm sure it helped to have such good looking subjects;)


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