Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fingers and Toes, Toes and Fingers

Landon has been working hard this week on trying to get his fingers and toes in his mouth. Finally this week he mastered it and was able to get that big toe in there. He has been trying for alot longer but with our GoodMama cloth diapers there very bulky and he isn't able to pull his leg all the way up. When he wears his Thirstie Fab Fitted diapers or is naked his legs automatically start bending up to his head.

Once he gets his foot inside of his mouth he usually lets go and tries again but I had to grab my camera fast and get this shot. He began sucking his toe as if it was a thumb, making cutie lil smacking sounds. I'm sure if he was a tad bit more flexible he would have sucked it till he fell asleep.

On Friday night we had a little playdate with Baby Anthony which we haven't seen in about 2 months. The boys looks so different already. Landon was super tired since it was way past his bedtime plus he didn't nap so well that day. I laid him down so I could change his diaper and put his jammies on and I heard Anthonys mom say "He sucks his thumb?" When I looked down I couldn't believe he did have his thumb in his mouth. He even pulled it out for a minute and put it back in. I caught him again today sucking his thumb again. How strange he almost 4 months and starting. I think he has just been lacking the coordination and possibly been wanting to do it for awhile now. I'm kinda mixed on it. I'm glad its a soother he can access himself, we cant loose it and it goes with us wherever we go. He can use it in the middle of the night or while in his crib or car. (Yes we are still having problems in the car) The preschool teacher in me says its gross because hands have so many germs since they are on the floor and touching all surfaces and then directly in the mouth. I don't want my baby getting sick all the time. The other downer is that when he gets older and we want him to stop we cant take it away. Not going to stress over it since hes only done it a few times and he is in love with his paci right now.

Night, night, little guy you look so tired. We still have to get those jammies on though.

Landon 3 months, Anthony 5 months
Cant wait till our next playdate. It was short and past their bedtimes but fun to see the babies together. I really need to get out more and spend time with other mommies. It really is exciting to spend alone time with my son outside the house. Being a Daycare provider during the day and caring for him in the same fashion as a daycare kiddo makes it harder on the bonding process. To be able to only wear one hat, as in the "mommy" hat and can focus on him. During the work week I take on so many hats I am a teacher, taxi driver, chef, janitor, accountant, that Landon in my life can sometimes be shoved to the back burner. Its important for me to make him my most important priority and not let this time slip away from me. He is growing so fast and I don't want to look back and wished I would have slowed down. I am always so busy. I am going to be hiring an another employee so I can work only4 days a week and spend that 5th day of the week as Landons Day. Its going to be hard for him to grow up and have to share his house, his mommy and his toys with everyone that I want him to be able to have his mom to himself at least one of the week. I am also going to see if this new employee could work another day of the week so I can keep up on the cleaning, organizing of the childcare, and keep up on my household duties of deep cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms and doing our laundry. So when the weekend comes it can be family time not do daycare grocery shopping, Sams club, picking up preschool supplies or prepping next weeks preschool projects. Just my thoughts for the moment. Have a great weekend I am taking my daycare kiddos to the circus tomorrow.

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