Saturday, August 29, 2009

Im so excited to tell you ....

that I'm 4 months today!

and if you don't come back to read about my 4 month post on Monday I may cry.

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  1. How cute! Max turned 4 months yesterday!

    To answer your question about swaddling (sorry it took me forever).. It was Matthew (my 2nd son) that was swaddled for 18 months. I had to use a huge blanket and eventually I would let his legs be loose. His arms would be tied down with the blanket open at the bottom. He even got it down on how to move around his crib with just his legs and most time even roll over to his stomach (again using his legs) and sleep that way. He just knew to put his head the side. By 18 months he was getting SO big and heavy to swaddle so one day I just decided to start with naptime. I set him in his crib and threw the blanket I usually swaddled him with and walked out. Low and behold he fell asleep. I kept this up only at naptime for a few days. Then I decided to try it at night. I was worried it would keep him from sleeping through the night, but he did and from that night forward we never swaddled again.

    Now Max is 4 months old and I am still swaddling him. I don't think he would go to sleep without it and I'm too afraid to try. He'll wake himself up with any little jerk and then he'll start eating his hands and then he's AWAKE.

    Both my boys LOVE(D) to be swaddled. They start smiling and cooing at me as I wrap them up. I hope to not have to go to 18 months with Max as well. I guess time will tell.

    If I had knew about swaddling and it's postive effects on a baby I would have swaddled my very unhappy colicy first born as well. I think it would have made a world of difference in his happiness and him being comfortable.

    Sorry to not have any better answers for you on how to stop the swaddling. I am guessing when he starts sleeping completely through the night would probably be best. That way he doesn't have a hard time getting back to sleep in the middle of the night after a feeding.

    How are you and Landon doing with the swaddling now?

  2. Oh and you said he wiggles out of it. I bought a few swaddle blankets because after a day or twos worth of swaddling the blankets get stretched out and he gets loose too. I have to wash and shrink them back up and then they are nice and tight on his body again!

  3. i got cooper's outfit at orient expressed. they have a lot of john john style outfits that are too cute!!!

  4. He is so cute!! Thanks for the cloth diapering tips.


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