Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It just occurred to me....

that we haven't used the Bumbo seat for Landon yet. So I went upstairs and pulled it down off the shelf where it has been sitting since before he was born. I picked him up and put him inside it and he fit perfectly. I'm sure his big cloth diaper butt helped him to fill out the seat better but he just looks so big sitting upright.
And just because I'm sure I will get asked. We got the custom sock monkey cover from etsy.com Just do a search for it she will do any fabric choice for boy or a girl. It has a pocket in the back for transporting toys and two loops in the front for attaching toys to the seat.

He isn't sure just what to do with toys yet He stares t them and then wonders why his hand/fist isn't holding it. Its hilarious to watch him if actually wrap his hand around something then it looks like he trying to figure out how to let go of this object bashing him the face. He does know how to hold onto a blanket and get that to his mouth though He is already preferring a blanket well actually its a small lovie that he likes to hold when he is sleeping.
Hey and what do you know we found the perfect seat where he can sit back and stare at those feet. He looks at them and his brow furrows as if looking oh I have another set of hands down there.
Oh by the way thank you for your responses to my last post. Its good to hear that I still have some readers. It just makes me want to update more and more.

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  1. adorable!!! I love that seat cover, too cute!!

  2. Still here and still reading, I have just been a bad commenter on everyone’s blog. Landon is adorable and I LOVE sock monkeys. I still have a handmade sock monkey that was mine as a child.


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