Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lets go swimming now

Look how cute my baby is. His big smile just lights up my life. Landons cousins in Minnesota gave him these really cool swim trunks and board shirt from baby Gap. When we got home we had to try them out in Nanas Spa. We can set the temp to bathwater temp which is perfect for Landons plus Nanas spa is saltwater and has no chlorine so we don't smell when we get out.

This rubber ducky was from my baby shower and we held onto it so Landon would be able to play with it after he was born. He looked more puzzled by it like "what are you doing in my spa"

I think the best part of being a mom is watching my husband with him. Before we had him he wouldn't hold a little baby. He would hold my older daycare babies but not itty bitty babies. When we came home from the hospital he would ask me what do i do now? Is this OK? What should I do to get him to stop crying? What does he like?
But Now he can read him so well. He can tell when he is going to get fussy or tired. He can tell when putting him down for a nap if we will need to go back in or he will fall asleep in just a few minutes He is such a good daddy and for that I am thankful. When he gets home from work he goes straight to him and picks him up. He plays on the floor with him for a little bit then goes and changes out of his shirt and tie. He takes care of him all evening and then puts him to bed for me.

Feet are still the cool thing around here. I swear he wakes up each morning and looks for those things and then smiles when finds them as if saying There you are again

Oh I am just enjoying this mommy time with him. I love weekends when I get to be with him alone either just him and I or daddy and us. I know one day he wont want me to cuddle with him and kiss him all over his face so I will steal as many as I can now He is finally over the fussing if you kiss him. He still prefers his head and feet not to be touched. Its hard to tell strangers because they always rub his head and then he starts pulling away and and grunting. Then they say oh he must be tired I just want to say stop touching his head he hates it. He still likes to be held by others and lights up when someone talks to him.

After all that swimming he was ready to pass out. Im glad I am able to put him down when he is sleepy but the poor thing startles after about twenty minutes. He will be sleeping sound and then he will throw his arms out and and scream as if he scared himself to death. At nightime we use the miracle blanket which I love I highly highly highly recommend any new parent gets one. Its nothing any other swaddling blanket. They cant get out of it Landon just the past two weeks has manged to escape twice. He is starting to outgrow it now at 3.5 months. I leave his legs out now and really want to start leaving one arm out at a time but I fear I wont get any sleep

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  1. Love the swim shorts and board shirt!

  2. We swaddled Aidan until he was about 6 months! No joke!! I even swaddled him for naps, because otherwise he would only sleep like 5 seconds!! LOL

  3. Hi Jessica!!!
    What a lovely family. I do custom scrapbooks for others, just in case you are interested. You can email me at and see my work at I am just starting my business. Best regards,

  4. I am sorry, this message is for London's momma!!!

  5. So cute! I love the pics!

    Go check my blog, I gave you an award:


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