Thursday, September 24, 2009

1st Highchair

"Does this mean I get to eat solid food yet, Mom?"

Not yet! Although I am so eager to start we will wait till his 6 months to start. Despite the fact I have a drawer full of fresh baby food just waiting for this little mans taste buds. He is very very interested in anything I put in my mouth and will stare at my mouth chewing up the food. He started this month also practice chewing on his tongue trying to mimic what he sees us doing. On Thurs night we visited a lil restaurant called Taste of Tuscany. They have the most delicious pizza and salads. I love supporting local businesses and they really have a family atmosphere here. I brought along my highchair cover as I thought it was a good time to see if Landon would enjoy sitting in the high chair sine he is now a supported sitter.

You can chew on your toys though. He sat so patiently while we waited for our food which was about 15 minutes. After a chewing session on his Sophie Giraffe and chewing of the actual high chair cover he became restless right when the food was delivered.

Look my baby boys hair has fallen out and this light brown with bleach blonde hairs growing in. Only his front curl and the back cul-de-sac is left and still needs to fall out. I will cry the day his top curl falls out that is by far my favorite feature of his.

Since he started getting fussy we took him out of the chair and I held him while I ate. Sounds easy, not so much, he is able to grab at my plate, my food and the silverware now.

My boy and me

Thank goodness I wore a necklace today. I was able to eat while he grabbed pulled, picked up and dropped my necklace all over the place. I was all dressed up because earlier in the day we took my class preschool pictures. All of the childrens pictures look like they will turn out so beautiful. We found a waterfall and rocks under huge Oak trees. Landon and I took some pictures together near the waterfall and then took some pictures laying in the leaves which he loved scrunching with his hands. What a fun texture experience for him. So far he has loved water, sand, and grass. He loves the feel of grass which I find quite strange since most babies tend to pickup their legs because its pokey.
My lil man is growing so fast. He will be 5 months on Tuesday and everyday I notice something new he is doing. Although I cherish him being a itty bitty baby I secretly cant wait till he is able to talk, become mobile and interact with me. His newest thing is screeching really loud which he displayed at the end of out meal which ended up in a one way ticket to tour the parking lot till daddy was done with his meal. Oh I just love him so much my heart bursts.

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