Saturday, September 26, 2009

Baby Model Search, Drinks with Friends, Family, & Neighbors

We were so tired from the wedding but we had to get up for a photo shoot for Landon at 11am. A local Mom from my Stroller Fit group was hosting a 2009 Baby Model Search and I thought Landon would be great at it since he is in the silly giggly phase right now. When we got there they weren't quite ready for us so we went inside the cafe and ate breakfast. Landon was being a silly clown and everyone was looking at him and smiling. They came and got us still all smiles. I took his clothes off so we could put him in a cloth diaper and a necktie. I sat him on a red stool and the smiling ceased he just stared at them. Its like he had stage fright. We were able to get some smirks but not like him to just sit and stare. I'm sure he blew his chance. They said he was super cute and they liked his eyes but I'm sure they compliment each baby getting pictures done. We'll see she will announce the winner by Oct 31st.

Landon was pretty pooped out from the night before and pretty passed out for the remainder of the day. Which was good I just didn't want him to sleep so much that he wasn't able to sleep later that night. I decided to try sleeping him unswaddled. He went to bed at 9pm and slept till 3:30am unswaddled, then he woke at 4:30, 5:30 and then 6:30am. I'm not sure if it was because he was unswaddled or because I messed up his schedule

Later that night we went to my in-laws house for a neighbor party. They have this gorgeous house that sits highest on the hill and looks very different the all the other homes in the neighborhood. Its all concrete and has the pool in the front yard opposed to the backyard. One corner of the house hangs out with no earth under it. Its gorgeous but simply, just unique. On Sunday night when we are over for family dinner many people drive up the huge hill just to stare at the house. Since we are usually in the pool or Spa we humor them and wave Hi to them.

Only a few neighbors came but tons of family and friends showed up. It was fun to show the baby off to those who have never met him and those who haven't seen him since he was a newborn.

Nana had these lights sitting out on the long concrete bench that outlines her backyard. Landon thought they were quite fascinating. I love that he likes holding a prefold diaper or a small lovey blanket, he lools like Linus from Snoopy in the pic above. (Isn't that he one that drags the blanket around)

This is the view from the upper deck. That tall grey piece holding the roof up is a outdoor fireplace with black glass spread in the bottom instead of wood. It was perfect weather outside which was a relief since it has been sweltering outside even into the evening.

The stairs in the previous picture lead up to this top sitting deck. Its almost like a special VIP place you would pay top dollar for at a club. Hehe. Lots of people sat up here during the party but I waited until they were gone to snap this photo. I figured they wouldn't want me playing paparazzi with them.

This is a blurry photo of the main patio in the backyard, you can see the fireplace on the right better now. This is where we have family dinners on Sunday if the weather is nice. Nana uses the built in BBQ in the background and we watch the football game on the TV while chatting over dinner.

Due to me not knowing how to use my SLR camera I was able to capture this odd picture of Landon with his Uncle J. He almost looks like a ghost, pretty cool Halloweenish picture I think.

This is the front yard with the vanishing pool. Landon has enjoyed kicking and splashing in the Spa after Sunday dinners.

This is their living room. It has huge doors that slide open that transform it into an indoor outdoor living room. The right side has this gorgeous loong fireplace that has dancing flames. I cant wait till winter time when we use it again but we will have to be careful as it will be right around that time that Landon learns to pull up and maybe even walk and it can get quite hot.

After all those visitors left he was pretty tired so he snuggled right down in the swing and went to sleep.

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